Morning, noon or night, everybody wants more energy out of the day. Use the power of yoga to strengthen stamina, re-align balance, and regain focus. Yoga is well known in the health and wellness communities, especially on FitBodyHQ. Yoga is a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and spirit through meditation, movement and strength building exercises. Practicing Yoga can reduce stress, ease inflammation and even reduce pain in certain circumstances. According to GaiamTV, yoga can also be used to energize and revitalize the body.

What To Eat Before Energizing Yoga

No matter how many ‘energy Yoga poses’ are completed, if the practitioner chooses to eat ‘processed/junk foods’ throughout the day there will be little or no energy boost available. As stated before, Yoga is a holistic approach to health and happiness. However, adopting a lifestyle that incorporates real, organic, whole foods will make any Yoga practice much more powerful. Many Yoga students do not like to eat big meals before an ‘energizing yoga class’. Stick to light fruits and veggies to prevent cramping and general ‘abdominal uncomfortability’.

The Perfect Time To Practice

There really is no ‘perfect time to practice’ Yoga. With longer work hours, and busy schedules, many people find it hard to practice at all. That being said, individuals who are aiming to achieve a ‘wake me up’ from Yoga moves may want to incorporate energy raising asanas (aka Yoga poses) whenever they need a boost.


Getting into the habit of practicing Yoga first thing in the morning is a great start. The morning is the most opportune time to get things done when it comes to any fitness adventure. Many believe this is due to the fact that as the day progresses, there is a greater chance that Yoga (and exercise in general) will become less of a priority. Even if there is not enough time to complete a full Yoga session, a few minute poses will be sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Here is a great yoga sequence the help start any day, the energized way:

Sun Salutation

  • Stand at the front of your mat with hands in ‘prayer’ position.
  • Root in the feet, tuck your tailbone under and raise your hands up to the sky, palms facing each other.
  • Proceed to gently look backwards as the spine bends from the upper torso keeping the lower back strong and supported by the abdominal muscles.
  • Release the back bend then swan dive to Uttanasana, or forward bend.
  • Rest palms on the shins as the back raises up from the forward bend to rest with a flat back parallel to the floor.
  • Forward bend again, hands flat on the floor and jump back to plank position.
  • Lower down into Chatauranga Dandasana. Hold for a few breaths then flow into Upward Facing Dog then Downward Facing Dog.
  • Lift the head and jump feet in between hands to complete another forward fold.
  • Raise the head half way and swoop arms up to the sky and back down into ‘prayer position’.
  • Continue this sequence several times for optimal energizing benefits.


During a lunch break, or just before, many Yoga fanatics love to move into a few poses. There are many different ideas on how to practice Yoga in small spaces, including chair yoga. Most people leave Yoga classes feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect combination of feelings to achieve midday?

Rodney Yee, a famous Yoga Teacher from GaiamTV has an excellent seated Yoga sequence that can be practiced in the comforts of any office chair. Eenjoy his short but sweet ‘Yoga for Energy and Stress Relief – Chair Yoga’.


There are many different resources on the internet and in books about office yoga and chair yoga. If you would like a longer sequence to practice during lunch here is an excellent 30 minute ‘chair yoga’ practice – perfect for anybody, any day.

Before Bed

After a hard days work, there is nothing like flossing and following up with some Yoga poses. Keep in mind, the poses that complement this article (above) are energizing Yoga poses. Instead, practice ‘restorative yoga poses’ to refresh the mind and body during sleep. Practicing such poses during the evening or before bed will certainly raise energy levels the next day by supporting a deep sleep cycle the night before.

Here are a few yoga poses that are perfect to practice before bed:


The classic yoga flow ‘cat and cow’ will prepare any hard working body for bedtime.

  • Start in ‘table top’ position with hands shoulder width apart and knees hip width apart.
  • Gaze forward as the belly button drops closer to the floor, creating a gentle arch in the spine. Be sure to roll shoulders back and keep chest open.
  • After a few breaths in cow, start to guide the belly upwards towards the ceiling, creating a ‘hump’ shape with the back.
  • Release tension in the neck and face.
  • Breathe deeply for several breaths before repeating this short sequence several times.


(Supported) Fish pose

This pose needs a support tool such as a ‘Yoga Block’ but a few firm pillows will do the trick. Place the Yoga Block or alternative support items (such as pillows) under the shoulders. The support should be high enough to gently rest the head backwards and gaze upside-down at the area behind the body. It is important to relax the neck and lower back muscles during this pose. The goal is to open up and lengthen the chest muscles, especially after a long day of work. If any pain/discomfort arises while practicing this pose gently move out of position and relax in a simple childs pose for several minutes.

Legs Up On The Wall

This is a fantastic pose that will clear the mind, and detox the body before bed. It promotes healthy blood circulation and can relieve stress. Support is optional for this position. If a ‘Yoga Bolster’ or large pillow is available, please place this against the wall. Support (such as pillows/bolsters) are to be used under the lower back.

  • Sit close enough to the wall, on top of the pillow or Yoga Bolster if applicable, and lower your upper body to the ground as you swing your legs up onto the wall.
  • The soles of the feet should be facing the ceiling.
  • Try to move the backs of the legs as close to the wall as possible but still keeping the legs straight.
  • If the hamstrings are tight, it is not necessary to be touching the wall with the backs of the legs. Once in a comfortable/stable position, rest for some time.
  • The longer the relaxation in this pose, the greater age reversing, energy restoring benefits will be received.

To conclude, there is no better time than now to practice Yoga for energy. Yoga is designed to encourage energy flow throughout the body, no matter how complicated or simple the Yoga sequence may seem.

Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli has always had an infatuation with keeping fit and improving life. Whether it is strength training, endurance building, or self-study research, she has devoted endless hours to them all. Her interest in health started at an early age. From swim competitions to long distance running, she discovered that keeping fit is an integral part of her life. After being diagnosed with... Read More

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