It’s obvious that clean eating and exercise are great for your health, but we tend to overlook and underestimate the importance of relationships in this regard. Additionally, that particular “taboo” also known as love-making is a key element in our overall wellbeing and physical fitness. A happy relationship with family, friends and that special someone along with earth-shaking, volcanic-erupting orgasms are all part of a healthy life! Yoga is an all-in-one powerhouse which, on top of all its spiritual and physical benefits, deepens your bond and spices up the space between your sheets.

How Yoga Helps


Consistent Yoga practice gradually increases your flexibility with gentle stretches. This means you’ll be more comfortable, confident and willing to experiment with new, intriguing positions. Those seemingly impossible poses from the Kama Sutra will be both effortless and enjoyable.


Yoga teaches us discipline through determination. Intense flows on your mat build stamina, which allows for intense flows on your bed (or couch, table, floor, shower, etc.) so you can do it like the Energizer bunny and keep going, and going, and going.


Through the practice of Yoga we become more aware in all ways. One of those ways is personal body awareness. With Yoga we internalize and learn about ourselves inside and out. We become familiar with our body and its unique inner workings. We intimately know our strengths, pleasures, dislikes and what works best for us. Our body becomes our temple and our best bud. This increased sensitivity and awareness of our body means heightened senses; Stimulation, be it touch, scent or taste, is intensified.


Holding poses teaches you to let go of tension and relax into positions, which enables you to hold them for longer periods of time. Many poses require your full surrender and vulnerability, leaving you completely exposed. Psychologically, It’s important that you come to terms with this and let go for a truly connected and electrifying experience and mind-boggling explosions.

Try These Poses

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)


Do at least six rounds of Sun Salutations to build up your stamina, fluidity and grace (amongst the countless additional benefits of this sunny series.) This is a great way to warm up the body before sliding, splitting and swinging into the following stretching poses.

Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)


  • Sit with your legs extended directly ahead of you and place flat on your mat.

  • Keep a straight back and lengthen the spine upward with an inhale.

  • As you exhale walk your hands forward to either side of your feet. Try with all your might to keep the legs straight. If you feel as if you are straining, keep the hands next to your knees or shins until you increase your flexibility. If you can, bring the hands to hold on to your heels.

  • Fold deeper into yourself with every exhale to bring the forehead onto the shins and the stomach onto the thighs.

  • Hold this pose for five breaths and then slowly roll up vertebra by vertebra.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Pigeon Pose)


  • Begin in Downward Facing dog. Bring your right leg up and then forward to place your right knee next to your right wrist and your foot next to your left hand. Your leg should be bent at a perfect 90° angle.

  • Extend your left leg straight out behind you placed flat on the mat.

  • Square your hips to face forward and bring them down to the ground.

  • Straighten and lengthen the spine upward, squeeze and roll the shoulder blades down your back and open the chest area. Be sure to keep the integrity of your posture and avoid the tendency to stick the ribcage outward.

  • Hold this pose for five breaths, then come out of it just as you came into it and repeat for the left side.

Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose)


  • Come onto your knees with your legs together and a straight spine.

  • Exhale and extend your right leg directly in front of you and slowly slide forward bringing your pelvis down onto your mat. You can use blocks or your hands to support your weight until you become more flexible.

  • If you are able to come all the way down, bring your palms together above your head and extend backward.

  • Release tension and come closer to the ground with every exhale.

  • Hold this pose for five breaths and repeat it with the left leg.

Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose)

  • Lie flat on your back.

  • Bend your legs at a 90° angle to bring your knees up and next to your chest.

  • Hold onto your heels and pull your knees down toward the ground.

  • Release tension and bring your knees closer to the mat with every exhale. Hold this pose for five breaths and release.

Halasana (Plow Pose)


  • Again, lie flat on your back

  • With your feet together, bring your legs straight up

  • Use your hands to support and lift your back as you slowly swing your legs down toward your head until your toes meet the ground.

  • Your back should be straight and perpendicular to your mat. Be cautious and don’t strain the neck. Release all tension and hold this pose for a few breaths.

  • Gently come out of the pose as you came into it. You can end your flow with Shavasana (corpse pose) or sit in meditation.

Do it Together

If you’re blessed with a partner who also enjoys Yoga, or even one who is interested and willing to practice with you, try partner Yoga. It builds bonds and increases intimacy and coordination – ultimately, your synchronized Yoga is a gateway for a fluid and sensual flow together later on. By learning about your partner’s body, their physical abilities and limits, you create a mutual understanding, which is very useful during your rendezvous together and all of this intimate information is brought to bed with you.

Enjoy and have fun, you two.

Silvia Rodrigues

Silvia Rodrigues is a Yoga Instructor, Graphic Designer and artist who is currently completing her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification Course. She is a Portuguese native who was raised in Santa Cruz, California but decided to go back to her roots and is now enjoying life in the beautiful town of Cascais, Portugal. Silvia believes in keeping the body fit by staying active... Read More

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