Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives. It’s simple – The better rested we are, the better we feel. Similarly, the deeper we sleep at night, the more efficient and effective we are in all aspects of our life during the day. Recently, sleeping issues and the insomniac archetype are on the rise. The deep-sleep-solution is a gentle Yoga flow you can unwind from your day with. Think of it as your sandman system easing you into some serious shuteye. With this practice you can prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep as you slip away into Slumberland.

Make it Easy

Before you begin your fantastic flow, put on your pajamas and prepare yourself for bed. Have you ever been sitting half-conscious on the couch about to slip out of reality and into a dream state at any second, and with all your might you drag yourself into the bathroom, which suddenly seems to be miles away, to brush your teeth and crawl into bed – afterward, somehow, seemingly magically, you are the most alert and awake you’ve felt all day? Let’s just go ahead and avoid all of that so you can transition yourself into bed immediately after your soothing night time flow. Make it easy on yourself and take care of the PJ, face-wash and teeth-brushing situation beforehand.

Repeat the Routine

Our bodies love routine. By consistently practicing a relaxing ritual before you sleep you create a signal that your body becomes familiar with, therefore developing a trigger for slumber.

Enter Sandman

Turn off the lights and set the mood for deep sleep. Flow through each pose as slowly and gracefully as you can. Before you begin, set an intention for your practice. For example – deeper sleep, pleasant dreams, to wake up well rested, etc.

Adho Mukha Sukhasana (Easy Seated Forward Bend)

  • Begin by sitting in either Half Lotus Pose or Easy Pose with a tall and erect spine.

  • Inhale deeply and lengthen the spine.

  • Exhale fully as you bend down to bring your arms and forehead to the ground.

  • Let go and melt for a few breaths as the mind begins to settle.

Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose)

  • Seated in easy posture, bring the heels of your feet together.

  • Inhale and elongate the spine upward.

  • Exhale and gently fold forward keeping the integrity of a straight spine.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

  • Come onto all fours with your hands shoulder width apart and your knees spread at hip distance.

  • Exhale and come to sit on the heels of your feet with your arms extended forward for an Extended Child’s Pose.

  • Draw the arms back by your side for Child’s pose and relax.

Halasana (Plow Pose)

  • Come to lie flat on your back.

  • Raise your legs straight up with your feet together.

  • Slowly swing the legs toward your face using your hands on your back for support.

  • Bring the toes onto the ground and breathe.

  • Gently release the legs back down.

Apanasana (Knees-to-Chest Pose)

  • Lie flat on your back.

  • Bend your legs and bring your knees to your chest.

  • Hug your knees and bring them closer to your chest.

  • Rock gently back and forth and side to side.

Reclined Angle Pose (Supta Konasana)

  • With bent legs, bring your feet back onto your mat.

  • Place your heels together and let your knees fall down toward the ground.

  • Release your arms at your side with your palms facing up.

  • Melt here for a few breaths.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

  • Straighten and spread your legs and let your feet point outward.

  • Go over the entire body and release all tension from that particular part, step-by-step. For example – Begin with the left toes, the right toes, the left foot, the right foot, the left ankle and then the right ankle; follow this process upward through the entire body until you’ve reached the top of your head.

  • Release each muscle group and let your body melt into your mat or bed.

  • Surrender and let this pose sooth you into slumber.

Sleep Deeply and Sweetly

As previously mentioned, it’s important to make this a routine that your body becomes accustomed to and eventually recognizes as a cue to induce a state of restful sleep. Soon, you’ll be able to reach relaxation almost immediately and drift away with ease.

Sweet dreams, deeply sleeping Yogi.

Silvia Rodrigues

Silvia Rodrigues is a Yoga Instructor, Graphic Designer and artist who is currently completing her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification Course. She is a Portuguese native who was raised in Santa Cruz, California but decided to go back to her roots and is now enjoying life in the beautiful town of Cascais, Portugal. Silvia believes in keeping the body fit by staying active... Read More

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