The Sun is shining and it’s finally summertime! Step out of that stuffy, sauna-like Yoga room; you have a new studio with a fresh breeze out in the open air. It comes with a giant, super-soft sand-mat and great ocean views – Yes, it’s the beach. There are tons of reasons to try Yoga by the sea besides the obvious “fun-in-the-sun” factor. Be sure to give beach Yoga a try whether you live near a beach (lucky you) or happen to be going on vacation to a beachy destination (in which case, also lucky you.)

Open Air

One of the main Yogic practices is Pranayama, which means “breath control.” In Yoga philosophy, it is said that by fully filling ourselves with air we are filling ourselves with the invisible life force – the energy of Life itself. Therefore, the purity of the open air at the beach is absolutely perfect for Pranayama.

Sea Scents

Who doesn’t love that soothing, salty sea scent? The beach smells wonderfully crisp and refreshing. This is great news for your Pranayama practice. Also, it’s a much more pleasant scent and replacement for the eau-de-sweat from the studio room. Take a deep breath – Wake up and smell the coral.

Negatively Charged Ions

Atoms are always positively or negatively charged. When we are in a space (such a offices, cities, houses) that contains a high amount of positively charged ions in comparison to the negatively charged ions, we tend to feel tired, stressed and generally down. It has been proven that a high level of negatively charged ions is extremely effective and beneficial for our health and wellbeing. People pay large amounts of money for air purifying machines which negatively charge ions. But the beach is known to be high in negative ions and even more amazing – nature does it for you. The beach provides you with an abundant amount of complimentary negatively charged ions.

Soft Soothing Sand

Sand serves as a comforting cushion. It’s a great solution for people with problematic areas such as sensitive knees or my dear friend who has a broken coccyx, for example. Additionally, the soft surface allows you to hold poses such as inversions (specifically the Headstand Pose) for longer periods of time. It also means that you can be braver with the poses you attempt, as there will always be sand to catch you and provide a soft landing for your bum should you lose your balance.

Cooling Water

If you become hot during a vigorous Yoga session, you have an optimal cool-down choice of refreshing water – a whole ocean of it, actually. If your beach of choice and the moon have decided to provide spectacular waves, that’s awesome. Use them as spraying, splashing insta-coolers. If your beach and moon are feeling chill vibes instead and it’s giving you calm waters, that’s also awesome. Take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate as you float in the water in Shavasana (Corpse Pose.)


Need I say more? At the beach you can do Yoga as you soak up some vitamin D for an extra healthy, sunny session. You can work on that golden tan while you simultaneously work on your personal Yoga practice.

Fantastic View

You’ll have a fabulous view of the blue ocean, the lovely landscape, the golden grains of sand and spiritually evoking sunrays. It’s a perfect combination and alchemy for an amazing Yoga flow.


Waves are naturally rhythmical as they ebb and flow. They provide us with a valuable lesson as, metaphorically, this ebb and flow applies to many aspects of our life as well. This rhythm also sets the tone for an ideal Yoga session by promoting steady breathing and paced posture flows. It helps you reach a deep, inward-facing state sooner.

Always Open

Unlike your Yoga studio, the beach is always open every hour of every day. This is perfect should you want to do a few Moon Salutations with the reflection of the moonlight upon the water – Sounds rather captivating, does it not?

Try These Three

Go for a full Yoga flow of your choice, but don’t forget to include these three poses!

Tree Pose


You can experiment with all of the variations of tree pose and play around with balance. If you fall back, the beach is there to catch your beautiful derrière.

King Pigeon Pose


The malleable sand will be of great assistance if you would like to explore all variations of Pigeon Pose. Your knees will be comforted throughout the process so you can focus on getting your legs up and owning this pose.

Headstand Pose


Ever wondered what the beach looks like upside-down? The sand provides you with a molding cushion which makes head-standing comfortable and enjoyable. If you haven’t given a full-on headstand a try, now is the time.

Sunshine, Sea & Yoga

Next time you visit the beach, enjoy a Yoga session by the sea. It’s fun, transformative and easy. It’s also a great time to try those advanced poses you’ve been avoiding. Take advantage of the softness underneath you and attempt something more advanced. It will be much easier than saying “she stands in headstands on soft sand by the seashore” three times fast and a thousand times more enjoyable. Go on now – Enjoy and shine on like a super (sea) star!

Silvia Rodrigues

Silvia Rodrigues is a Yoga Instructor, Graphic Designer and artist who is currently completing her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification Course. She is a Portuguese native who was raised in Santa Cruz, California but decided to go back to her roots and is now enjoying life in the beautiful town of Cascais, Portugal. Silvia believes in keeping the body fit by staying active... Read More

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