When you have one of those days that seems to melt away, try this 8 minute fat sizzling Yoga sequence. It will help keep your body piping hot all summer long. Every fit body wants to stick to a fitness schedule. But when the sun is shining, pumping iron inside is not always the priority.

If you crave a little more spice for your summer workout schedule, try this short and sweet Yoga sequence. It will banish fat, improve circulation and help with mental clarity especially for those summer nights that seem to last forever.

Swan Dive Breathing

Swan Dive Breathing is one of the best Yoga moves to help get you get into the summer groove. It is simple and yet has a powerful influence on assisting the body to release tension and go with the flow.

To master the Swan Dive, one must connect deep breathing to the flow of the dive.

  • From the start of the inhale at the nostrils while standing, swoop your arms up from the sides, hands to the sky. The deepest breath will find its way to the the bottom of the belly.
  • When ready to exhale start to fold forward as you guide your hands back down to the side body. As you fold forward rest your hands onto the ground and continue to exhale through the nostrils, like a deflating balloon, slow and controlled.
  • Repeat this move a few times. Maintain a steady breath. Discontinue the motion if you feel light headed.

Forward Fold Hold


  • After completing a few rounds of Swan Dive Breathing, stop the flow during the forward bend.
  • Keep the same deep breathing techniques flowing as the back of the legs lengthen.
  • Release the neck forward and guide the chin slightly towards the chest.
  • Grab the backs of your calves with your hands. After a few breaths place your hands on your shins or above the knees as you attempt to straighten out the spine while keeping the bend at the hips.
  • Breath deeply for a few breaths before folding back forward.

Perfect That Plank

  • From forward fold place your hands on the ground and jump both feet backwards to plank position.
  • Don’t forget to breath and drop the shoulders away from the ears.
  • Keep your spine aligned and gaze forward. Hold for at least two or more deep breaths. The hips may sag forward the longer the pose is held. This will create an undesired lower back bend. To stop this from happening engage the abs and raise the hips slightly to realign the body.

5 Second Tricep Drop to Down Dog

  • When you are ready to release plank position, proceed to lower your body towards the ground. Count down from five as you squeeze your elbows tight against your side body and hover over the floor. Your nose will be inches from the ground when your reach zero.
  • Deep breathing is essential in this pose to achieve maximum fat burning and muscle building benefits.
  • When you are ready, push your arms back into a downward dog. The knees can stay bent if needed, but the upper body must be aligned with the arms. Use a mirror or ask a friend to ensure proper practice of and alignment of your Downward Dog.
  • Return to deep breathing and push your body forward back to plank and repeat the tricep drop.

Cobra Bites and Dolphin Dives


  • From Downward Dog lower your upper arms to the floor and align the body into Dolphin Pose.
  • Take a few deep breaths and then proceed to propel your body forward as you swoop up into Cobra position.


  • Hold all of the muscles in the body tight as you continue with your breathing cycles.
  • From Cobra push back into Dolphin. This pose is very reliant on strong triceps. It will improve upper body strength and stabilize your core muscles.

Lunge It To Warrior 1


  • During your last Cobra breath move into Plank position then bring your right foot between your hands. Open the chest forward and deepen the stretch in the hip flexors.
  • Raise your arms above your head, clasp your hands together and point your index fingers towards the sky.
  • Tighten the leg muscles and drop closer to the floor for fantastic butt toning results.
  • Continue breathing as you release back down to lunge pose and bring your right foot backwards.
  • Repeat this move with the left leg.

Twist Like You Mean It

  • After completing both sides of Warrior 1 pose, lie your body face up on the ground and stretch your arms out to the sides.
  • Keep your shoulder blades touching the ground as your raise your knees into the chest and roll them to the left side for a few breaths, than right side. Continue deep breathing.

Legs Up, Butter Cup!

8-mins-yoga-double-leg-raise * For the Yoga workout finale, raise your legs up and point your heels towards the sky. * You can keep your arms out to the side, or bring them closer to the body for support. * Try to straighten the legs as much as possible while you aim for deep and steady breaths. * Hold this pose for as long as possible then release your legs back to the ground and give yourself a high five.

Congratulations you completed the Yoga workout for weight loss. Keep practicing every day and watch the fat melt away.

Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli has always had an infatuation with keeping fit and improving life. Whether it is strength training, endurance building, or self-study research, she has devoted endless hours to them all. Her interest in health started at an early age. From swim competitions to long distance running, she discovered that keeping fit is an integral part of her life. After being diagnosed with... Read More

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