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Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl

[videobox type=”wod” id=”03p2g6mYunk” title=”Overhead Press”]

[videobox type=”wod” id=”ZO81bExngMI” title=”Tricep Kickbacks”]

[videobox type=”wod” id=”OjQrC00em9k” title=”Front and Lateral Raise Combo”]Use a lighter weight for these; you are working small muscles which don’t require very heavy weight.

Reverse Fly

Reverse Fly

Technically more of a back exercise, but will get the posterior muscles of the shoulder too.

Exercise Gear

Interval Timers

Apple: Simple Interval Timer (Free)

Android: Simple Interval Timer (Free)

Physical: Gymboss


Fixed: Fixed dumbbells can be cheaper if you just buy a pair; however, the main drawback is that you then only have a single weight to do all your exercises (different muscles need to lift heavier for better results) and you can’t progressively overload. If you’re going to buy fixed dumbbells, for best results you’ll want a few pairs of different weights. Only recommended if you buy a few different weights.

Adjustable: Adjustable dumbbells generally work out cheaper than fixed dumbbells and allow you to progressively overload your workouts over time (and thus get much better results). Can be a bit time consuming having to change the weights for different exercises. Recommended if you’re on a budget.

Powerblock: Powerblock dumbbells are more expensive, but have a few benefits over adjustable dumbbells: they take up much less room and more importantly it’s very quick to change the weight in the middle of a workout. Highly recommended if you can afford spending a little more.

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