Legs, legs, legs! Yep that’s what this workout is all about. The largest muscle groups are contained in your lower body and we shall be working them to the max with this workout.

Why do I love leg workouts? Simple! Legs that are strong and powerful but also lean and graceful is something that can really boost how you feel about your body, legs that can look good in clothes and also bare to the world.

Training your legs using weights or body weight will have you building more muscle than running and not only do you get nicely shaped legs you will benefit from increased metabolism. Many of the leg exercises, e.g. squats, deadlifts, lunges, also work your core which is a great bonus as everyone should aim for a strong core. If you wanted to you can also work your upper body depending on what else you add to the basic exercise, e.g. you can add in shoulder press, arm raises etc. and make it a full body exercise allowing you to get the most out of your workout time.

I like to stay away from using the leg curl, leg extension machines at the gym as I believe you get better results from using compound movements that don’t isolate specific muscle groups. Why use a machine to work your hamstrings and another to work your quads when you can work both together and work your core, thighs and butt all at the same time.

So what exercises are going to get you those fantastic legs, read on…



Warm Up

High Knees
Jumping Jacks
Single Leg Glute Bridge


Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each exercise.
Rest 60 seconds between sets.

Walking Lunges
Goblet Squat
Step Ups
Plie Squat
Inner Thigh Leg Lift

Too easy?
Include dumb bells to make the workout harder.

Cool Down

Your usual cool down and stretching.


Include dumb bells to make the workout harder.
Clean eating + strength training + cardio = great results!

Exercise Disclaimer

In the interest of your safety, it is important to check with your physician before beginning any exercise program and to exercise according to your fitness level and capabilities. If you have any questions, please seek the guidance of a health professional.

Exercise Videos

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