We think there’s definitely something sexy about a set of sculpted shoulders. Most people love to focus on working out abs, butt, legs and arms, but they forget all about the shoulders! In terms of aesthetics, well developed shoulders can do wonders for your overall physique.

It’s not just about looks: your shoulder muscles are used in just about every day-to-day activity you do, so getting them strong is going to pay off functionally too. This includes the rotator cuff as well as the deltoids.

So if you’re ready to build yourself a set of strong and sexy shoulders, then you’re going to love this latest workout!

Sexy Sculpted Shoulders Workout

Sexy Sculpted Shoulders Workout


First, remember your warm-up. The shoulders (especially the rotator cuff) are one of the most common injury areas. Here’s a fantastic shoulder warm-up. If you’ve got enough time, you’ll get better results if you also add in some shoulder activation exercises.

Workout Instructions

Do this workout every 2 – 3 days.
Aim for 1 – 3 rounds.
Rest 60 – 120 seconds between rounds.


Prone Cobra : 15 reps
Inchworms : 12 reps
Plank Pistons : 20 reps
Wall Walks : 5 – 8 reps
Reverse Push-up : 10 reps
Push-up Side Plank : 60 seconds
Pike Shoulder Press / Dive Bombers : 8 – 12 reps
Seated Scapular Dips : 15 reps
Plank with Arm Lift : 60 seconds

Cool-down and stretch

Do your usual cool down and here’s a good shoulder stretching sequence you can try.

Exercise Disclaimer

In the interest of your safety, it is important to check with your physician before beginning any exercise program and to exercise according to your fitness level and capabilities. If you have any questions, please seek the guidance of a health professional.

Exercise Videos

Prone Cobra


Plank Pistons

Wall Walks

Reverse Push-up

Push-up Side Plank (Add a side plank up for more of a challenge.)

Pike Shoulder Press

Dive Bombers

Seated Scapular Dips (You could do these between two chairs.)

Plank with Arm Lift

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