Congratulations, after months, maybe even years, of hard work, you have finally reached that goal weight! But, now what do you do? Unfortunately, most dieters gain back the weight they lost within a year or so due to a lack of post-diet guidance. The problem is that people feel lost and unsure of what to do once they have reached their goal weight. The calorie counting, meal planning, and dedicated gym sessions became a routine that comes to a screeching halt when that magic number pops up on the scale, or when you finally fit into that favorite pair of jeans again.

It’s hard to say what makes people go from a healthy lifestyle back to an unhealthy lifestyle so fast, but perhaps it’s the lack of support and self control once the initial goal has been achieved.

Embrace this new lifestyle!

Instead of looking at a diet as a temporary strategy look at the big picture and make a lifestyle change.

Maintain The Weight Loss

  • It is common for a few pounds to sneak back on shortly after you’ve reached your goal weight, don’t let it discourage you. Use it as a reminder that this is a lifestyle change that requires mindfulness and dedication.

  • Weight fluctuation is normal and very common. Create a safe zone between 1-5 pounds that is guilt free and doesn’t require immediate attention until you pass that 5lb mark.

Don’t Stop Eating Healthy

  • You’ve come this far! Don’t throw it all away right when you reach your goal. Keep up the hard work and eventually it will turn into habit.

  • You reached that goal weight or goal size and all you want to do is eat those comfort foods you have been missing. Instead of binging on foods you know are unhealthy, try to continue to eat mainly healthy foods with the occasional treat.

  • After a successful diet you might find yourself craving healthier snacks in place of your old favorite junk foods. Don’t overlook those healthy cravings! Incorporate them in your grocery lists and try to continue eating clean, fresh foods.

Keep Working Out

  • Reward yourself with a few days off from the gym, but don’t let those few days turn into a few weeks. It’s all too easy to fall out of a workout routine if we let ourselves.

  • Focus on how good you felt, physically and emotionally, after a workout and let that be your motivation to continue long after you’ve reached your goal weight.

Set New Goals

  • You reached your goal weight! Now try to set a new goal. Whether it’s a lower weight, a smaller pant size, or something completely different like running a marathon, setting goals for yourself will help you stay healthy and fit for the long haul.

So congratulations on reaching your fitness goals and by all means reward yourself for all your hard work but remember to make new goals and keep up with all those new healthy habits and lifestyle changes, even if you don’t want to take things any further at least maintain where you have got to. It took time and effort to get where you are, remember all that hard work, remember how much time and effort you put into reaching your goals!

It is a lot easier to maintain where you are at than it is to start all over again, if you just stop with the healthy eating and exercise routine your results will swiftly disappear, it is amazing how easy it is to get out of shape compared to how long it takes to get back into shape.

Micah Larsen

Micah is a traveling swim coach and personal trainer, depending on the season. She is also currently working on her Master of Science in Athletic Administration and Coaching. Micah loves to live an active lifestyle, whether she is competing in open water swims, running a road race, practicing yoga, or biking with her dogs. The main objective in her career is to... Read More

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