I can tell you first hand that becoming a mother is the most joyous thing in the world. However, in the midst of the tears of joy comes the shock of what this precious bundle of joy has done to your body. I can remember when I was expecting my first baby, I packed my hospital bag with my pre-pregnancy jeans. Can we say delusional? I took care of myself, I was a “fit” person and I assumed I would bounce right back in an instant. However, I left the hospital in my maternity pants.

Now the guys reading this probably cannot understand the feelings behind all of this, but I can assure you that it sucks. And, that feeling continues as you try to squeeze into your clothes day-after-day. There is a reason they call them “mom jeans”. They are like bottom of the barrel. They are the jeans that look good on no one, but happen to cover up anything that you want to hide. I know many moms who wear them, but I know none who want to.

Sure we could have an intervention and hit the mall looking for new jeans, but getting our body back would be so much better. Right?

Baby Steps

First thing to realize is that it took nine full months to get this fabulous bod, so it will not pop back into shape overnight. With that said, if you are like me as soon as you get the green light you are ready to start working towards your goals.

Whether your baby is 6 weeks old, or 16 years old, you can get yourself back into shape. The first step is making a realistic plan. A realistic plan helps make sure that you are able to succeed. You may want to run 10 miles today but that is not realistic if you are toting a 6 week old. A realistic plan may be walking a mile, while pushing your little one in a stroller.

You Are What You Eat

Although you may have taken the phrase “eating for two” literally when you were pregnant, now is the time to begin to control you eating. Choosing whole foods that pack a ton of nutritional power is ideal. Do not fall into the diet foods trap. Fat-free and Low-Calorie foods are typically nutritionally void. Not to mention that fat and calories are necessary parts of a healthy diet as long as they are from real food.

Aim for foods that are naturally sourced, such as:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meats
  • Eggs
  • Sprouted Breads

In addition, it is important to avoid processed foods, simple carbs and processed sugars. Giving your body what it needs will give you the energy to get yourself into shape much more quickly.

Targeting & Toning

Improving your muscle tone goes a long way in making you not only feel in more control of your body but also helps firm up problem areas. This is one of the best ways to kick the mom jeans to the curb. By toning your tummy, booty, thighs and arms you will be ready to slip into a new pair of skinny jeans in no time.

One great time saving toning routine is a “counting routine”. This is a great way to squeeze in some toning exercises during naptime or in the morning before work. Do these steps consecutively.

  1. Run in place 10 minutes, or do some type of aerobic/cardio activity for 10 minutes.
  2. Do 20 lunges on each leg.
  3. Do 30 squats.
  4. Do 40 second wall sits, three times.
  5. Do 50 jumping jacks.
  6. Do 60 crunches.

This is a quick, and easy workout that tones in a hurry. It is even a good added routine for days that you do something bigger. Feel free to change it up by adding in dumb bells or kettle bells to challenge you more.

Keeping Good Hydration & Stretching

It is also important that you keep hydrated. Drinking enough water allows your body to work in full force, this includes your metabolism. If you are dehydrated your metabolism will be more sluggish. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is ideal for proper hydration.

In addition, stretching helps keep you limber and avoid injury. Not to mention the fact that there is not much that is better than a good stretch.

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