Countless studies have proved that removing animal products from a person’s diet can help reduce/eliminate sickness, cure acne and even promote weight loss. A recent article posted on Science Daily shared detailed information and study results concluding that a plant based diet may offer significant weight loss compared to various other diets that include animal products. Another interesting point mentioned in the study is that the Vegan diet participants surpassed in weight loss results compared to the other non-vegan diet participants. Over the six month study the Vegan participants consumed a diet high in carbohydrates – contrary to the ‘low carb fad’.

Low carb diet schemes have lead to a huge misunderstanding when it comes to long term weight loss. Could Veganism be the healthy and most effective way to slim down for good while enjoying unlimited carbs?

Not only did the Vegan study participants benefit from the weight loss, but their saturated fat levels dropped significantly, as did their Body Mass Index (BMI) levels, their overall measure of macro nutrients improved. The results were directly linked to the complete removal of all animal products from the diet. Researches were surprised to find that the pesco-vegetarian group, the ones who declined all meat except seafood, did not demonstrate comparable weight loss to the Vegan study group.

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How Does “Veganism For Weight Loss” Work?

The biggest difference between a standard ‘first world’ diet with staples of meat and fast food, compared to a plant based Vegan diet, is fiber. The more fiber a person consumes the greater chance their digestion will improve due to the fiber sweeping through the intestines and increasing elimination. Animal products do not contain any fiber at all, which leads to poor digestion and weight gain.

What About “Vegetarianism” For Weight Loss?

Dairy is often linked to obesity due to causing many digestive issues, and health problems. When the body is distressed with allergies and disease linked to foods, stress hormones linked to weight gain are increased often resulting in poor body image and even depression.

Logically, a baby cow (calf) weighs around 85 lbs when born and can grow up to 1800 pounds. A human baby averages a mere 5-15lbs when born. An average adult human can not function properly if they exceed 400+ pounds. The weight loss math makes sense. If a human is trying to reduce weight it would be a smart idea to avoid milk products, as milk is originally meant to nourish an 85 lb creature (cow) and help them grow to more than 1000 lbs.

If I Go Vegan Do I Still Have To Exercise?

Of course!

Although Veganism exclusively has been linked to weight loss, it is always a healthy idea to include regular physical activity daily. Weight loss is not the ‘be all end all’ when it comes to health. Regular exercise improves oxygen intake and circulation, and can also elevate moods and regulate hormone levels. There are a million and one reasons why to exercise, and weight loss is just another benefit when striving for a complete fit and healthy/happy body.

Is There Such A Thing As An Overweight Vegan?

It is certainly possible to achieve weight gain on a Vegan diet. Many food products, like oreo’s, are technically Vegan. Furthermore, the over consumption of nuts, seeds, oils and fatty plant foods like avocados or deep fried foods like french fries can prevent weight loss and even cause weight gain.

The “High Carb Low Vegan” diet (HCLV for short) is a very popular lifestyle that hundreds of people swear by for the greatest long term fat loss results.

Lifestyles like the Starch Solution and Raw Till 4 are promoted by long term high carb low fat vegan followers. The founders of the HCLV lifestyles are fantastically fit and passionate about the long term health results of a high carb, low fat vegan diet.

What About Protein Deficiency?

Where do gorillas get their protein? Plant matter, of course.

The most common misconception about protein is the ‘lack thereof’ in a Vegan diet. Proteins originate from plant matter in the form of amino acids. When enough amino acids are collected together they form proteins. During the digestion process, our bodies break down the proteins to amino acids. The human body also re-constructs proteins by connecting amino acid chains back together in a new order.

Most importantly, in order to have a protein deficiency an person would have to eat just apples for an absurd amount of time. Or consume refined sugars, fats or alcohol exclusively for years on end.

To read more about the Vegan protein debate click here;

How To “Go Vegan”

With all the information available, it is easy to conclude that Veganism is a wonderful way to slim down, and get healthy. However, transitioning to a vegan diet can be a very daunting task especially if there are no Vegan support groups around or Vegan restaurants around. Good news, there are so many online support groups like 30BananasADay and social media celebrities like the BiteSizeVegan that will make any new Vegan feel welcome.

Veganism for weight loss is a life long journey with many benefits. If you would like to try a high carb low fat “Go Vegan 7 day challenge” click here. This challenge includes food suggestions, as well as a very achievable exercise plan. If followed correctly, the “RawTill4: 7 Day Vegan Meal Plan” will have any post meat eater feeling vital, mobile and alive by the end of the challenge.

For additional Vegan Plant Based (High Carb Low Fat) weight loss information watch this video by Vegan youtuber Kerry McCarpet;

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  1. Jim Corcoran

    I’ve been vegan for 26 years and consider it one of the best decisions of my life (my doctor agrees). I lost 25 lbs within the first few months. Today my blood work and test results are of a man half my age!

    Here’s a short video to help everyone understand why so many people are making this life affirming choice and why the number of vegans has doubled in the US in less than 3 years.:

    Also, here’s a link for everyone who wants to join the revolution:

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