If you turn on the news, watch daytime TV, or pick up a magazine you will see diet pills shoved in your face left and right. It’s insane if you think about it. Because just about every show, magazine or news station will talk about more than one diet supplement.

These outlets are like the new pill peddlers. But us as consumers have to be smart and not buy into everything they push. We are not always told about the negative side effects of taking diet pills. Nor do we fully know the lifetime effects they can do on our bodies.

Drug Peddling

A few months ago Dr. Sen. Claire McCaskill, chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance, led the panel against Dr. Oz and his high claims against supplements. Dr. Sen. McCaskill also talked about the “Oz Effect”.

The Oz Effect – Dramatically boosts sales and drive scam artists to pop up overnight.

Because Dr. Oz is so popular people go crazy for what he pushes on his television show. And of course he is not the only one who pushes these quick fix “No diet”, “No exercise” diet supplements. Dr. Oz is by far one of the most popular daytime television shows, so people take his claims very seriously and to heart. You try and tell a Dr. Oz follower the diet supplements he pushes won’t do as he claims and that might be the end of you.

No Regulations

A huge issue going on with these drug companies is that they don’t have to back up any of their claims. They can use colorful words to make you think that their product can help you drop 20 lbs in one week, or help lower your cholesterol and not get into any trouble.

First of all it’s not safe to lose 20 lbs in one week. Excuse the huge over exaggeration, but it’s to show how crazy over board these companies are about making these false claims.

Did you know that drug companies don’t have to run their weight loss and feel good claims by the FDA? Yup, you read correctly, some of the diet supplements you have sitting right now in your medicine cabinet might not have gone through proper testing. There also might not be any research that backs up it’s claim, or in many cases enough research.

The FDA is who comes up with these regulations, however they don’t have the resources to keep track of all of them of these companies who tend to pop up overnight like an unwanted pimple.

The FDA is the king of regulations, so if they can’t get around to or don’t have enough funds to regulate a product do you really want to ingest it? You’re a smart cookie, I’m pretty sure you said “No”.

How to find regulated diet pills

The FDA regulates the ingredients in the diet pills, but the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the advertisements. This is a good thing, but they also do infomercials and other products sold to consumers. How can a company possibly regulate and keep up with all claims from all these companies.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend anyone using diet pills. If you must it’s best to at least take and use diet pills that are regulated.

Here are some of the things you should look for on a dietary supplement label:

  • A descriptive name of the product stating it’s a “supplement”
  • Name and place of business of the manufacturer
  • The Packer or distributor
  • A complete list of ingredients
  • Net contents of the product
  • Nutrition labeling in the form of “Supplement Facts” panel

Some people tend to rely on diet pills to lose weight and not adopt a healthy lifestyle. Relying on diet pills can be harmful, ineffective and addictive. With that being said it is highly recommended that you consult with your physician before taking any supplement.

The U.S. Food And Drug Administration has tips listed here to help you make safer decisions if you choose to take diet pills.

If after reading this article you decide to opt out of taking diet pills, then great! Healthy eating and exercise is a lifelong lifestyle change that anyone can make to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. It’s not as easy as getting a glass of water and popping a pill, but it is safer, healthier and maintainable.

Teena Cathey

Teena Cathey is a certified personal trainer who focuses on endurance and energy training. She runs two group fitness boot camp classes called Go Harder in Detroit, MI. Teena is author of the free ebook, How to Find The Right Personal Trainer. When not with clients Teena enjoys painting, playing basketball or with her dog Mister. She’s very social, follow her on... Read More

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