If you have been trying to lose weight but seem to struggle losing the pounds even though you are eating healthy options and exercising, it may be because you have overlooked some areas. The following is a list of areas that you may have overlooked that could help you realise why the weight is not budging.

When talking about losing weight I believe you should be thinking in terms of losing fat percentage not pounds. most people want to lose fat but think about it in terms of weight, this is not an accurate representation, 5lbs of muscle and 5lbs of fat weigh the same but are different in mass, the 5lbs of muscle mass is much smaller than 5lbs of fat, so if you want to slim down and get rid of wobbly bits your plan should be to lose fat and gain muscle. Muscle mass increases your metabolism and is what will give you a firm lean body.

If you judge weight loss purely by the scales you may not see much of a difference if you are losing fat and gaining muscle, this is why using scales is not something I recommend. Have your fat percentage taking by a professional or judge your results by measurements, take your measurements when you start your goal and then every 4 weeks or so.

So on to the things that may be causing you to keep the weight on:

  1. Breakfast cereals

    Cereals, they make then sound delicious and nutritious but in reality they can be high in sugar as carbs. Depending on your cereal this could be refined sugar e.g. Frosties or fructose, fruit sugar which can be found in various types of muesli. Next time you go to buy cereal check the ingredients and see if this could be one of the sources of hidden calories causing you to keep those extra pounds.

  2. Dieting

    If you are dieting or on and off dieting then you may be causing yourself to keep the weight on instead of losing it. The only diet that is good for you is having a healthy diet. Depriving yourself of certain foods will also cause you to crave those foods. The one thing with diets is they may cause you to lose weight to begin with but as soon as you stop the diet and start eating properly again the weight will come back. Any changes to your diet has to be sustainable and long term. Your body gets essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the food you eat, you need to eat the right foods and in the right proportions to get the most benefit from a healthy diet..

  3. Condiments

    Something you add to your food without really thinking about it. These ‘toppings’ could be making your healthy meal more calorific and could be increasing the sodium content. Dressings, hummus, mayonnaise, ketchup etc. all these additions may not seem like they will make much of a difference but everything adds up and if you are trying to lose weight then it could be making all the difference to your weight loss plan.

  4. Sports/energy drinks

    You may have worked out at the gym or gone for a run and think a sports drink is a good idea to replace your electrolytes, but unless you have been strenuously working out or are an athlete then you may be better of drinking water instead of loading up on the extra calories.

  5. Not eating enough

    A common misconception about losing weight is that to do it you need to eat less. This is not always true, if you are overeating already then yes you do need to eat less in order to lose weight as you will be eating more calories than you are burning off. The danger of not eating enough is that your body can go into starvation mode where it starts to store all the food you eat so it can use it for energy. Another issue is your body could also start to use muscle mass for energy and that in turn will decrease your metabolism. Your body wont be getting the nutrients that it needs to operate properly and you will be left feeling hungry and have very little energy.

  6. Skipping meals

    Maybe skipping meals may be your way of eating less, or maybe skipping a meal such as breakfast is causing you to snack more. Ever missed breakfast and then at mid morning needed something sweet to give you a burst of energy to get you through until lunchtime. Maybe you didn’t snack but were so hungry at lunchtime that you ate a larger than usual portion.

  7. Extra gym time to make up for treats eaten

    Indulging by eating treats is fine if you only do it every now and then so it is a treat and not a regular occurrence. If you are guilty of this then at least check to see how much extra time you need to spend to burn off the extra calories – you may be surprised to find you have underestimated the time… When I am thinking of eating something that is truly indulgent I like to work out how much tie I would need to spend on the elliptical or running to burn off those extra calories, that usually is enough to make me think again. Alternatively, I will have the treat but make it my once a week luxury and can then spread the gym time over the week.

  8. Lack of knowledge

    According to some saying somewhere ignorance is bliss but knowledge is power. Ignorance is not bliss especially when it comes to wanting to lose weight. Knowledge is key when it comes to how many calories you should be eating in a day, plus the types of calories you should be eating and also how many calories you are burning off. If you are burning off more calories than you consume you should be losing weight, easy. Knowledge about what kind of exercises are best for you to lose weight, how long you should be working out and how often. I have known people to say they don’t understand why they are not losing weight when they are eating less and exercising 2 days a week, and by exercising they mean they are walking to and from work 2 days a week. This is just not enough. Take time to make sure what you are doing is enough and you are going about it in the right way.

  9. Cutting out all fat

    You may think all fat is bad for you and by cutting it out you will lose fat or not put on any fat – this is not true. Fat is important in your diet and can come from a variety of places but it is the kind of fat that you eat that makes the difference – unsaturated, saturated, trans-fats, these are all fats but come from different sources. Dietary fat and fatty acids are what our body uses as a source of energy, it helps the body with cell function as well as growth development. It also helps transport fat soluble vitamins through the bloodstream to areas where they are needed. certain fats are good for you but it is the amount of fat and the types of fat that you have that makes a difference.

  10. Not sleeping enough

    Lack of sleep can cause you to over eat. Not having enough sleep can give you the munchies, and it is junk food and sweet stuff that you will crave. By not sleeping enough you will also have less energy therefore unlikely to be expending as much as you should in order to burn off those calories that you consume including the extra ones from having the munchies.

  11. Being stressed

    Stress can go to ways depending on the person either you lose weight or you gain weight. For those that gain weight it could be that in times of stress we turn to food (emotional eating) to make us feel better, we also tend to exercise less due to feeling lethargic/tired. The good thing about exercising is that it is a great stress reliever, you will feel better after working out and have more energy and not only that you will also sleep better which can help in cases where your sleep is causing you to stay awake, and lack of sleep by itself can cause weight gain.

  12. Portion sizes are bigger than average

    Do you know how much of each food group you should be eating? Do you know how big your portion sizes should be? Portion sizes over the years have increased and so have waistlines, and I expect our plates have as well… A couple of useful guides to help you can be found at WebMD and Women’s Health.

  13. Overeating the healthy stuff

    Linked in to portion sizes above, you may be eating healthy but you are eating more of it, not because you are unaware of portion size but just because you feel that you can eat more of it as it is healthy and therefore not likely to cause weight gain light other foods. Whatever food you eat if you eat ore than you burn off the extra calories will be stored as fat. It’s as simple as that, even if they are healthy foods you still need to be aware of the amount of calories you are eating. A good way to keep track is to keep a food journal.

  14. You don’t drink enough water

    Water helps flush out toxins, boosts your metabolism and also prevents you from holding on to water weight. Drinking water is a great way of not adding to your calorie intake, other drinks will have some calories so if you are looking for a great way to cut more calories drink more water.

  15. Friends and Family

    Outside influences could be causing you to keep the weight on, maybe you dine out with friends or family and their choice of restaurants leads you to choose the less than healthy options. Maybe you go to restaurants that have tapas, combo platters, all you can eat buffets etc. If your friends and family understand your goals they can help you with them and it may even lead them to eat more healthy but sometimes they don’t understand or don’t want to compromise on what they want to eat and you just have to stick to your goals and go for the healthy options or show portion control. When the results start to show they will soon be asking how you did it.

  16. Not exercising enough

    We all know that you need to burn off more calories than you consume in order to lose weight so check that your exercise program and weekly routine is enough to do this. Keep a food journal and an exercise journal and see if you are doing enough. Remember though that you burn calories during your normal day so include those, such as housework, gardening, showering even sleeping.

  17. You don’t do any weights

    If you don’t lift weights or do bodyweight exercises then your results may not be as great as they could be, if your exercise is all about cardio then it is time to switch it up. Using weights, including body weight exercises, increases your metabolism (so you burn more calories even when resting), so burning off more fat, and it increases your muscle mass (no, you wont get all huge and muscley). Muscles are what give you the firm, lean limbs and body and change your body shape. Cardio may make you slim down but it wont necessarily make you toned or change your shape, or even lose all your fat, even worse you could start to use your muscle mass for energy. The best results come from a combination of cardio and weights. If you don’t do weights or haven’t committed to it fully take a read of Why women should lift weights (including workout) and then give it a go.

  18. Eating on the go or whilst doing other things

    When you eat on the go you can overeat without even realising it. You are putting food in your mouth and chewing but not even giving thought to how much you have just eaten or whether you are even feeling full. A good example is either eating whilst watching tv or working at your computer. Take time when you eat so that you can enjoy the food but also to give your body time to tell you when it is feeling full.

  19. You drink sodas

    Sodas have a high amount of sugar. Calories, calories, calories, if you are serious about wanting to lose weight then you say want to think seriously about giving up the sodas.

  20. You eat out a lot

    When you eat out you have little control over what goes into your food or how it is cooked. Generally portion sizes are also larger than they should be and when paying for a meal you may be inclined to clear your plate so it doesn’t feel like you have wasted any money. And then there is dessert, always tempting…

  21. Eating too fast

    If you eat too fast you may end up eating too much as you don’t give your body time to send you signals that you are getting full, until it’s too late and then you sit there feeling a bit over full and don’t want to move for a while.

  22. Overindulging on the weekend

    Weekend, rest days, relaxing, eating out, making going for drinks, enjoying yourself and maybe staying away from the gym. The weekend can easily become a time when you overindulge, going to friends or family for a meal. Picnics in the nice weather, time to bake cookies and cakes. There are endless reasons why you might overindulge on the weekend. Now don’t get me wrong you cannot deny yourself treats after a hard week but just be mindful of what you are eating and everything in moderation. If you do like to indulge on the weekend then it would be a good idea to plan that into your weekly exercise program (the amount of calories you want to have worked off over the week) and healthy diet (if you want treats on the weekend then make sure you are not eating them throughout the week as well) that way you can still have the treats but not the guilty feeling.

  23. Alcohol…

    The calorie content in alcohol is quite high, I am sure everyone has heard of the ubiquitous beer belly. But it i not only beer than can be high in calories, if you like a drink then take time to find what the best type of drink would be that allows you to still have a tipple but without the high calories.

  24. You don’t believe in yourself

    If you don’t believe you can lose the weight then you are going to be creating a barrier for yourself. Even tp the extent where you don’t commit 100% because in the back of your mind you may be thinking, why bother putting in the effort I wont ever get down to a size (whatever). You can lose the weight you just need to start. Positive thinking works, that’s why motivational experts are always saying it, it is something that truly works, once you put your mind to something you can achieve it, you just need to work for it. How can you expect something to change if you don’t make any changes.

  25. No realistic goals have been set

    Your goals are important, they get you to where you want to be. Without a realistic goal then you wont feel like you have achieved anything and are likely to give up. You need a big goal and then smaller goals that are stepping tones to get you to your bigger goal, that way every time you achieve one of the smaller goals you not only feel good but you can see you are getting closer to your main goal.

  26. Fruit Juice

    Fruit juice is good for you, yes but it is also high in calories, maybe you don’t like drinking water or are using it as a substitute to help you not drink sodas etc. Drink fruit juice just be careful how much and make sure your liquid calories are going in your food journal so you have an accurate record of how many calories you really are consuming. Try to drink ore water instead of fruit juice but by adding a slice of lemon or watering down your fruit juices so that you still get a fruity taste but without so much fructose.

  27. Not moving during the day

    Sitting at a desk all day is an activity for many. This activity (or lack of) is causing you to keep the pounds. Lack of movement means no calories are being burnt off, none, zilch, nada. Make sure you take breaks from your desk and get up and walk around a bit, go see a colleague instead of emailing, even standing whilst on the phone will help if you are not allowed to leave your desk during work time. When you have a break or lunch make sure you use that time to not only refuel your body (yep eating) but also getting some exercise, how about going for a walk around the block, go get some fresh air, it will make you feel much better. An interesting fact for you – people who fidget burn more calories.

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