What is comfort food for you, where you come from? Perhaps it’s a large bowl of your grandmother’s pasta bolognaise, or rice pudding, or chicken drumsticks. Or maybe it is fish curry over fresh white rice, or chicken satay accompanied with spicy peanut sauce, or pork schnitzel with fries.

Wherever you come from, I’m sure there is a particular dish that makes you feel right at home, a sort of trusty dish that you can always rely on to make you feel better when things are down.

In Asia, which is where I grew up, comfort food for me signified a plate of stir-fried noodles. There’s something inherently heartwarming about having a full meal and feeling satisfied, despite how awful the rest of the day had been.

I can remember coming home from a long day at university and tucking into a bowl of freshly-cooked, steaming hot noodles, and feeling all the stress from school melt away. Even now, long after I left school, and have left home, I still feel comforted by a large plate of noodles.


Now that I’m based in Argentina, 30 hours away by plane from my hometown Singapore, I don’t eat Asian food as often as I would like. But on days that I do crave something brimming with Asian flavors, I take out my wok and start cooking up some comfort food.

If you’re like me and love noodles but want something lighter and less starchy, today’s recipe will fill your stomach and leave you feeling good. In this particular recipe, I used vegetables that have been julienned into thin strips of noodles, as a base for this dish.

You can use any type of vegetable, as long as it can be cut into strips. In my case, I used carrots and zucchini, which was what I had at home, and which I quickly sliced into noodles using my julienne peeler, definitely one of the most used appliances I have in my kitchen.

When the vegetable noodles are ready, set them aside and reserve for later. Take a couple of eggs, beat them well, and then make an omelet in a large pan or a wok. Once the omelet is ready, remove from the wok and then slice it into strips as thin as possible.

Using the same wok, without needing to wash it, heat up a little oil, and stir-fry the vegetable noodles for about 10 minutes, just until the vegetable noodles are cooked and slightly softened, but not completely limp.

Now that the vegetable noodles are cooked, pour soy sauce over the noodles and add salt to taste. Mix the noodles well so it gets evenly flavored. You may also add a little bit more soy sauce if you like the taste to be a little stronger. Divide the noodles into four equal portions, garnish with the egg strips and serve with siracha or any other spicy sauce for more kick.

I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as I did!

Stir-fried Egg Vegetable Noodles
Stir-fried Egg Vegetable Noodles

This great recipe will fill your stomach and leave you feeling good.


  • 4 large carrots, sliced into thin noodles with a julienne peeler
  • 3 large zucchini, sliced into thin noodles with a julienne peeler
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
  • Salt to taste
  • Siracha, optional


  1. Being by slicing the carrots and zucchinis into thin noodles, using a julienne peeler
  2. Beat the eggs, and in a large pan or wok, make an omelet, flipping over once the top is cooked
  3. When omelet is cooked, remove from pan/wok and slice into thin strips
  4. In the same pan/wok, heat up a little oil, and stir-fry the vegetable noodles for about 10 minutes
  5. Once softened, pour soy sauce over the vegetable noodles and mix well
  6. Divide noodles into four equal portions, garnish with sliced egg, and serve with siracha




Felicia Lim

Felicia is a Singaporean who’s currently located in Buenos Aires, also known as the “Paris of South America”. When she’d first moved to Argentina, she found herself grappling with the mysterious concept of cooking. Thankfully, with the help of cooking classes and constant practice in her tiny kitchen, she’s developed a love for cooking and with that, a passion for food blogging.... Read More

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