In the past few years freshly squeezed juices have stepped into the spotlight. And rightly so; these fresh liquids offer a shot of wellness like a headlamp on a camping trip.

Making your own juices from fruit and vegetables is not only healthy, but can be fun too!

With a little bit pre-juicing ingredient planning, it takes no time at all to whip up yourself a glass of carpe diem in the morning – only thing is it can be a messy business.

Nevertheless, the leftover mush in your juicer after a fresh squeeze is totally worth it!

Now, some supermarkets do offer lovely little juiced concoctions in a bottle (and if you do opt for these try to look out for the ones in glass!) however nothing compares to the exquisite fresh taste and satisfaction of making your own (once you’ve gone home-made and heard your cells singing, you’ll know what I mean). Not only are the supermarket options not as satisfying as making your own but they can also cost a fair amount, especially with the marketing strategists identifying the present and increasing trend of the health-conscious individual.

So, now that you are tempted to step into the realm of green let us look at a recipe to kick start your morning.

One recipe to power you up includes the following ingredients (and if you grow your own, even better!):

5 leaves of the freshest spinach possible. 1 cup of the most vibrant looking parsley. 1 medium-large sized juicy lemon or lime, depending on your taste preferences. Peel this little guy just before you commence the juicing process to avoid intense bitterness. 1 green apple (or more if you prefer) to add some sweetness to your life (and juice). ½ of the freshest fennel bulb you can get your hands on, and you might as well throw in the tops too for the flavour.

Depending on your juicer, you may want to chop up the apple into pieces (quarters should be sufficient).

For an extra little boost you can throw in a spoon of green powder (hemp powder, wheat grass, barley grass, etc.), some alfafa seeds/sprouts and a squeeze of honey (for the antioxidants!).

Now, when juicing it can be beneficial to mix it up; some of the spinach, then apple, parsley, fennel, some more spinach, etc. This way you instantaneously create a good blend.

It is best to drink the juice immediately, but if you must get distracted between juicing and drinking then it is advised to wait no longer than thirty minutes!

Now, let it be said that there are those who swear by juices as a meal replacement however the verdict on whether or not this is the best health practice is still unclear. It can be an excellent practice to do one day a week where you just juice or one week a month, depending on how your body (and no doubt your mind) feels. Supplements, however, get trumped by juices as vitamin supplements only contains vitamins whereas the veggies and fruits that get juiced contain all sorts of bioactive compounds to enhance your overall health.

Another side note is that you do need to put in extra effort to include protein since the majority of juices mainly contain enzymes, phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins and not so much protein. This is where the addition of hemp powder and other supplementary powders can play a role, although if you are opting for more juices than whole foods be sure to have your eyes wide open and keep a close check on your protein and essential fat intake (especially if you are training or an athlete).

Juice up, power up, and enjoy!

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