Herbal tea remedies have been used in many different cultures as a natural cure for sickness. Just remember that natural doesn’t always mean safe. Chemicals are present even in nature, and that’s exactly what makes a herbal tea work to change your mood or ease your pain. The benefit of drinking different kinds of tea is that the ingredients are often harmless and usually well-known and low in concentration. Read on to discover different kinds of tea and how they can help boost your mood or treat a simple problem like stomach ache.

To Relax

The act of drinking a warm cup of tea can be calming for many in itself. There are many go to herbal teas known for their relaxing properties. Chamomile is a common favorite for calming nerves that you can find anywhere. Lavender is already known to be a calming aromatherapy scent but it can also be made into tea. Take a deep breath before you sip to benefit from lavender’s pleasing aroma.

To Sleep

Chamomile tea is usually included in any sleep themed herbal tea but there are certainly stronger options. Valerian root tea has a sedative effect and was even used to treat insomnia at one time. Passion Flower is also well known for its powerful calming effects that can help you drift off to sleep. You may be surprised to know that Catnip is actually used as a sedative tea as well.

To Wake Up

For those who don’t drink coffee, the moderate amount of caffeine in a black tea can be enough to kick start your day. If you are worried about your caffeine consumption but you still feel tired, you may opt for a ginseng tea instead. Ginseng can get your heart going and give you a boost of energy similar to caffeine. Even drinking a decaf tea of your choice may help you wake up simply by getting your body hydrated and back in working order after a night of sleep.

To Feel Positive

St. John’s Wort has quickly become a classic for naturally treating mild bouts of depression or seasonal affective disorder. Be warned however, that it may interfere with the effectiveness of certain types of birth control. Alternatively Siberian Ginseng, which is actually a shrub used in Chinese medicine is said to help protect you against stress. The same has been said about Ashwagandha tea in the Ayurvedic tradition.

To Soothe a Stomach Ache

Peppermint or spearmint teas are known for their calming effect on digestive ailments. It is also another common ingredient in tea blends that are meant to aide in relaxation. Ginger tea is also great for treating stomach pains and can even be made simply by adding some fresh grated ginger to hot water. Sipping on either one of these delicious teas can help calm a rumbling tummy. Fennel is known to help with other digestive problems such as constipation by relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract due to its anti-spasmodic properties.

To Ease a Cold

Drinking a hot beverage and breathing in the steam from a cup of tea can do wonders to moisten the nasal passages and ease congestion. Some teas do that better than others. Elderflower for example has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for cold because it acts as a decongestant. It is also believed to have wonderful cleansing properties to boost your immune system by clearing your lymph nodes and encouraging the body to start sweating. Thyme is also used in tea to help as a decongestant.

There are many other, more powerful teas that can be used in herbal remedies that are not listed here. Kava tea is a potent ingredient for stress relief but too much of it can cause liver or kidney damage. Many teas on this list are absolutely harmless but it is always important to read the instructions and use pre-made blends when you are just beginning your usage of natural remedies. It is also important to note that many kinds of tea are diuretics and that drinking multiple cups of tea per day might leave you in the uncomfortable position of running to the bathroom several times more than normal. None of these teas are meant as a medical solution to an ailment but as a supplement to help ease your nerves or mild pains. ­

Kristy Brannon

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