It seems like just about everyone is talking about ‘paleo eating’ these days, but what does that actually mean and more importantly: how do you do it?! The Paleo Diet, which only allows foods that can be hunted, gathered or fished; is based on theories that suggest our bodies are designed to eat like our cavemen ancestors and the reason there are so many health issues and concerns in the world today is simply because we stopped eating like we were biologically designed to!

The diet eliminates all processed foods and focuses on eating very clean, natural, organic, healthy produce and lean meats, wild fish, eggs, nuts, fruits and heart healthy fats. Basically, if it doesn’t grow in the ground, swim in the sea or walk itself you don’t eat it!

All dairy, grains, starches, alcohol, sugars, etc are no-nos and this can cause you to feel quite deprived and tired at the beginning but if you stick with it, the results can be truly remarkable in the long run – not only for how you will look on the outside but also for how you will feel!

Obviously the fact that you’re reading this article means you’re interested in giving Paleo a chance. So what are the steps to starting and sticking with the Paleo regime? How can you ensure success and results?

Obviously there are many obstacles to living life on a Paleo diet. Socialising can be difficult for some people; others will find it difficult to always be prepared when it comes to having the right ingredients in the house or bringing your lunchbox to work instead of grabbing a sandwich in the local shop. No matter what obstacles are presented, there are some small steps you can take at the beginning to help make living the Paleo life much, much easier!

  1. Awareness

    Learn about it! Read books, articles, blogs, etc. Find out the science behind Paleo: why it works for some people and what aspects of it are commonly found difficult.

  2. Clean out the House!

    Clear out the kitchen of dairy, bread, snacks and junk food. Just get rid of it – that doesn’t mean eat it all but hey, you might as well enjoy some of it! Clear out your kitchen because if it’s not there, you can’t eat it.

  3. Detox

    Start your new life as a Paleo saint with a detox. Rid the body of toxins by doing a natural cleanse. Personally I love juice cleanses; just for 3-5 days. It eliminates all the sugar, caffeine and build-up of waste in our bodies and just makes us feel amazing! At the end of a cleanse, you won’t want to eat any junk food. You’ll be excited, ready for this new life change!

  4. Diet Plan

    Get a diary and write it down. Write down your weight and measurements and track the improvements as the weeks go by so that you can see them – they are figures, they are visible! If you need an extra push or some support, do this with a friend or get yourself a diet coach. Doing Paleo with someone else is incredibly helpful. You’ll constantly share pointers on what to buy and where, recipes, restaurants that are Paleo-friendly and of course you’ll share the struggles and help each other through them.

    If none of your friends want to embark on the Paleo lifestyle with you, have no fear. Just join on online forum! Or put your pictures up on Instagram, get some followers and commit to posting your meals daily. This works great as a motivator and there are lots of amazing Paleo-dieters on Instagram always uploading yummy recipes and motivators!

  5. Write Out the Paleo Food List & Pin it Up Where You Can See it!

    Here it is for you:

    Eat in Abundance

    • All Veggies
    • Lean meats – High quality beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lame, goat, game, etc. The more natural the better! Grass fed, organic, hunted yourself in the wild in Alaska – Great!
    • Anything from the sea… Sea vegetables, Sea food, shell fish, etc.
    • Eggs! And lots of them! (Cage free, organic)
    • Natural plant fats and oils, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil. Avoid spray oils of hydrogenated oils. They’re baddies!
    • All fruits

    Eat or Drink in Moderation

    • Dark Chocolate – at least 70% Cocoa. Lindt bars are great and come in orange/mint flavours which are so yummy.
    • Alcohol. No more than 1 unit a day.
    • Caffeine. If you must drink tea/coffee drink it black or with coconut milk. But don’t use it as a crutch for energy!
    • Natural grains or starchy carbs; mostly quinoa, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lentils, porridge oats, millet grain, beans.


    • Pretty much everything else.

      Try to completely eliminate anything that comes in a packet. All the baddies like crisps, chocolate, cookies, buns, cakes, candy, processed and packaged ready-made meals, quick and easy snacks like sandwiches and packet soups… All of them are no-go’s and rightly so because they’re all packed with additives and preservatives. Give your body a break and eliminate all the toxins. If you’re good to your body, it will be good to you! Trust me!

So there it is my friends. Good luck on the Paleo adventure and get excited… The results can be simply unbelievable!

Be smart, eat smart!

Megan O'Neill

Megan O'Neill is a musician, psychologist, nutrition advisor and an absolute health-nut! She currently resides in London, but - as you may have guessed from the name - is originally from Ireland. Six years ago, following an incredible trip to Asia, she suddenly became very ill with IBS, food intolerances and chronic fatigue. No-one could have predicted how that fateful trip would... Read More

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