While your morning cup o’ joe is chock full of antioxidants, too much coffee can have some pretty negative side effects. Going overboard on this morning staple can cause anxiety, restlessness, sleep issues, and headaches. People can even become somewhat addicted to coffee and it’s caffeine as they get headaches if they skip a day or even a few hours. In some cases, coffee simply doesn’t agree with some people’s bodies and digestive systems. The energy boosting effects just don’t outweigh the stomach pains that coffee causes some people.

Don’t fret! We’ve got the scoop on how to keep your energy up with these 7 safe, healthy, and delicious alternatives to coffee.

  1. Green tea

    Tea offers the caffeine boost your body and mind crave, but in a smaller, more manageable dose. There are so many antioxidants in green tea that regularly drinking it can make your skin glow, speed up your metabolism, and keep disease at bay. Even better, the delightfully hot beverage wakes you up without the jitters that coffee can cause.

  2. Have you hit the afternoon slump?

    Opt for a protein rich smoothie instead of a coffee shop run. Smoothies made with fruit, almond milk, and protein powder can help both fill you up and wake you up.

  3. Go green!

    Many coffee shops and juice bars offer wheatgrass shots. Wheatgrass is a straight shot of vitamins and minerals that will wake you up in the most natural and easily digestible way. This bright green concoction will make you feel healthy and refreshed from the inside out!

  4. When life gives you lemons…add them to some hot water!

    Okay, so that’s not how the saying goes, but this holistic pick-me-up sure does the trick! Hot lemon water can help detoxify your body. Prepare this refreshing beverage first thing in the morning to kick start your day and energize your morning.

  5. Chai tea or chai tea lattes.

    These teas provide the same warm, aromatic, soothing effect of coffee in a delicious new way. Chai tea is a combination of black tea, milk, cinnamon and other spices. Of all of the antioxidant rich teas out there, chai tea and chai tea lattes are most similar to coffee. So, if you’re having a hard time committing to cutting down, give this tasty treat a try!

  6. Whip up a green fruit smoothie

    Before heading off to the gym or work. Filling your body with vitamin rich fruits and greens like kale, spinach, and spirulina can provide fast energy while fulfilling your daily vegetable and fruit requirements. There are so many delicious combinations out there! Try a handful of kale with mango, banana, and apples. Spinach with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries is also a sweet energizer.

  7. Fruit juices

    Like pomegranate, prune, and cranberry juice are as antioxidant rich as coffee but provide a contrasting sweet and tangy flavor that can jolt you awake more than soothing coffee- perfect for the afternoon slump!

Manon McGovern

Manon McGovern, creator of The Traveling Trainer, is a fitness and weight management specialist who loves sharing her passion for a healthy lifestyle. She studied Exercise Science at The Ohio State University and started personal training and teaching group exercise classes to introduce herself into the fitness world. She enjoys personal training and teaching Yoga, Spinning, KickBoxing, and strength classes. Now working... Read More

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