Eating clean can be hard work, especially when you’ve got a sweet tooth, but getting fit, healthy and looking good doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of life’s little pleasures. Indeed, if you want to start healthy fitness habits – and stick to them! – then you’ve got to make it enjoyable. It’s about the long-term view, but if you want to make it to the destination you’ve got to enjoy the journey too.

So we already know that cutting out sugar is one of the best moves you can make for your health, but if you’ve got a serious sweet tooth – like we have! – then it’s a lot harder than it seems; luckily, we’ve got a great guide to help you kick the sugar habit. Still, a commitment to being healthy and looking fabulous doesn’t mean we have to live a life of nun-like, sweet-tooth chastity, does it?

Absolutely not (phew!), but it does mean we need to make some changes, add in a hefty dose of moderation and allow your tastebuds to reset – if you’ve been scoffing down sugar-laden goodies for, like, ever, then it’s going to take a while before you find the taste of juicy, fresh strawberries as sweet as your favorite candies. But, take our word for it (it’s true, honest!), when you cut out a lot of the heavy-handed sugary products, the good stuff – fruit and vegetables – starts to taste pretty sweet on it’s own – just give it a little time and it’ll happen we promise.

That’s good news all round, so instead of simply teasing your palate with promises of some future sugar-free utopia of healthy indulgences, we wanted to round up a few of these delicious treats you can indulge in yourself. They aren’t all necessarily sugar-free, but they’ll have less sugar than say a chocolate bar. And while we can’t guarantee that they’ll hit the spot in exactly the same way as that double-chocolate, blueberry muffin with your name on it, they won’t be adding to a muffin-top either.

So without further ado here are 13 sweet and healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth!

13 Ways to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

  1. Fresh Fruits

    Duh, right? Most fruit has enough sugar to satisfy your cravings and is going to be a lot healthier – especially if it’s organic – for you too. Got a serious craving? Cut up and mix together some of your favorite fruits into a healthy fruit salad – not the canned stuff, which is loaded with sugar. Delish!

  2. Frozen Banana

    Even if you don’t watch Arrested Development, frozen bananas are awesome. By itself, it’s like eating a banana popsicle (the riper the banana the sweeter) – great for after your workout when you want to cool down too. But, if you really want to be a lil’ more decadent then you’ve got to take it to the next level and dip that bad-boy in chocolate – like this. Obviously because of the chocolate, you’ve got to moderate how often you eat that version of this treat; the key to making it a healthier is to use a dark chocolate – 80% cacao or greater – which will pack in all the benefits from the delicious cocoa bean.

  3. Banana Ice Cream

    Like ice cream? Then you’ll love this incredible one-ingredient ice cream – the magic ingredient: bananas of course! Enter this simple banana ice cream treat. When all you need is one ingredient, that’s about as easy as it gets – delicious and healthy, what more could you ask for? And you can spice it up – with caution, those calories add up! – for when you occasionally want to indulge a bit more.

  4. Dark Chocolate

    Chocolate?! Wasn’t this supposed to be healthy? Well, it turns out that dark chocolate (as opposed to the usual sugar-laden milk-chocolates) can – in moderation – pack a healthy punch. The secret is to get your chocolate dark – and when we say dark, we mean dark – 80% or more cocoa (it’s the cocoa that’s good for you). It’s not as sweet as your typical chocolate, so it goes well with things which are a little sweet on their own – like fruits.

  5. Frozen Yogurt Buttons

    Another awesome one-ingredient snack and it’s healthy. You could use greek yogurt with a twist of honey if you wanted to avoid the added sugar you find in many yogurts.

  6. Frozen Granola Bites

    Mmmmh, we love us some granola! But you know what’s better than just your run-of-the-mill granola? These frozen granola bites – what a tasty treat! To make it healthier, choose a granola and a yogurt without a lot of added sugar. Again, want to make it more indulgent – dip it in chocolate

  7. Greek Yogurt with Fruit

    Rather than getting fruit-flavored yogurts, opt for a rich-and-creamy Greek yogurt (Chobani, FAGE etc.) and add some of your own fresh fruit – sweet and packed with protein! We recommend honey and figs – yum!

  8. Yogurt Parfait

    Not only does this look really fancy, but it’s easy to make, healthy and tastes great – plus, you can add whatever ingredients you love. Of course, that has pros and cons – use greek yogurt and only add healthy ingredients if you want a healthy snack (tip: make your own healthy granola).

  9. Peanut Butter Dip

    Fruit by itself is great, but sometimes it needs a little something – this peanut butter dip is a great way to enjoy that nutty flavor without all the extra calories.

  10. Blueberry Almond Butter Smoothie

    Where would we be without smoothies? That’s not a world we’d want to live in! Lucky for us, that’s not a reality we need to face – especially since this blueberry almond butter smoothie is so delicious. It’s sweet enough to satisfy your sugar craving, and the protein from the almond butter will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

  11. Apple Slice with Almond Butter

    Quick and easy – spread some nut butter (we love almond butter) on slices of apple for a sweet and filling snack. Tired of apples? Try using pear slices and experiment with different types of nut butters (hazelnut sounds yummy).

  12. Healthy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Well, what can we say: strawberries + chocolate = yes, please! And because it’s mostly strawberry you’re eating, it’s actually quite healthy, just make sure you use dark chocolate to cut down on those added sugars. Drool.

  13. Whole Wheat Waffle with Fruit

    You don’t need to have Frankish ancestry to love a good waffle – though it probably helps – and they don’t need to be fancy syrup traps either. Choose a whole grain waffle, skip the syrup and sprinkle on fresh fruit – you’ve got yourself a pretty healthy (and filling) treat.

What’s your favorite healthy treat? Let us know in the comments.

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