One of the things people have difficulty with is their motivation to lose weight or lack of motivation. Whether it is getting motivated to begin to lose weight or staying motivated once you have started some people need a little extra help to get them on their way.

Motivation means different things to different people but basically it takes effort and the amount of effort you put it in depends on how much you want to achieve your goal.

Here are some helpful ways to get you motivated and to keep you motivated.

Getting motivated

Motivation is something that is going to get you off your sofa and actually start exercising. I say exercising as this is the most effective way to lose weight so if we get you motivated to exercise not only will you start exercising and lose weight you will also be increasing your overall health and fitness.

Getting started – What do you want to achieve? Define your goal. Eliminate  any obstacles.

As your goal is to lose weight you need to be specific about why you want to lose weight. Is it to get back into a pair of favourite jeans you can no longer do up, is it for a holiday you have coming up, a wedding, do you want to reduce your body fat? The reason why you want to lose weight is important as it will be the one reminder of why you are putting in the work, if you want to get in shape for your holiday then maybe having a picture of a beach etc somewhere you can see it will be enough to remind you why you are putting in the hard work.

You have said you want to lose weight but you need to be specific about how much weight you want to lose, put a number on it, you need something measurable, if not a number then have something else measurable, for example the pair of jeans you may want to get back into, you will be able to measure how well you are doing by trying them on and seeing if you can start to zip or button them up again.

With having something measurable it makes it easier for you to see the progress you are making, if you want to lose 8lbs in a month you can see this by weighing yourself, although if you are increasing muscle mass then you need to remember that weighing yourself will not be a true indicator of how well you are progressing because muscle weighs more than fat (well 1lb fat weighs the same as a 1lb of muscle but the density is different if you lose 1lb of fat and gain a 1lb of muscle your body will be slimmer as muscle is more dense so takes up les room than that 1lb of fat). I suggest you take your body measurements ie your chest, waist and hip measurements, take them at the beginning and then every 4 weeks and write them down. By seeing the drop in cm or inches on paper these are great indicators of how you are doing. When you can see the progress you should find yourself more motivated to lose weight and continue.

Sometimes there are obstacles that you feel prevent you from achieving your goals, these could be;

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Work Commitments
  • Family Commitments
  • Money


You are a busy person and feel you don’t have time to workout everyday at the gym or going for a run etc. Well how about starting off smaller, can you cycle to work instead of driving or taking public transport? If you do have to take public transport maybe get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way to work. Take the stairs whenever you can instead of the escalator or lift. Do you get home and watch tv to unwind and de-stress yourself – how about exercising for 30mins instead of watching that tv programme, exercising is a great way to reduce stress and make you feel good. If for some reason you have to watch the tv show then how about doing an exercise in front of the tv.


Exercising increases your energy, if you get home from work and have good intentions of going to the gym later in the evening but then are not able to get off the sofa because it’s now late or you feel tired then change your routine. Go to the gym straight away, straight after work. If you have to go home first for any reason then stay active don’t allow yourself to get into relaxation mode, get ready for the gym straight away.

Work Commitments

Work takes up a lot of peoples time but when you are at work maybe you can add more activity in to your day, if you need to speak to someone in the same building maybe go and see them instead of calling or emailing. Take the stairs if you have them. Are you able to go for a walk during your lunch break or if your work has showers how about a jog?

Family Commitments

Get your family involved wherever possible. If you have children then go for walks together or cycling. It will be a lot easier for you if your partner/spouse/parents etc are their to support you and help you any way they can either to free up some time for you to exercise or to join you in your exercise to keep you motivated.


You don’t need money to lose weight, You don’t have to join a gym or pay for classes or equipment. You can go for a walk or jog outside, if you prefer to exercise with others then see if there are any groups you can join for free (hiking groups, running groups etc) or even set up your own, put an ad up asking for others to join you get your friends involved. You can use tinned food, drink bottles, there are all sorts of things I am sure there are all sorts of things you can find that can be used as weights inside your home. Find a workout session online and follow it. Get creative.

Staying Motivated

Everyone can lose motivation from time to time. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated:

  • Look back at your reasons for why you wanted to lose weight in the first place.
  • Look at why you are feeling less motivated, are you not seeing results, getting bored? If so then change things up, change your exercises do something different, try something new.
  • Have your main goal then set smaller goals as stepping tones to achieve your main goal.
  • Reward yourself when you reach your goals
  • Set new goals, challenge yourself
  • Get other people involved to help motivate you
  • Use pictures to keep inspired, if you are going to have pictures of people that you would like to have bodies like then be realistic, choose someone of similar height and body type etc.

These are just some of the ways you can get motivated I hope they help. If you want to achieve something it takes time and effort and only you can make it happen. Once you put in the effort you will be rewarded, it is up to you what you achieve.

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