Creating a “Fitness Bucket List” is a great way to motivate yourself to a fantastically fit body. What are your top ten fitness goals you would like to reach before you “kick the bucket”? The hardest part to any workout routine is finding the right amount of determination in order to keep motivated for the sake of your health. Assessing your goals regularly and creating/updating your “Fitness Bucket List” can greatly assist in establishing a permanent fit body for the rest of your life.

Here are a few ideas which may inspire you to fill up your Fit Bucket List. Grab a pen and start thinking fit.

Review Your Fit Idols

Do you have a “Fitness Hero” or a “Gym Goddess”? Do you want to achieve firm biceps and abs like ‘so and so’ at the gym? Or would you like to run 5k’s a day like your favorite athlete? Whomever keeps your mind interested in fitness may inspire a few more goals.

Having a Health Guru to look up to and learn from is one of the best ways to bulk up your “Fitness Bucket List”.

Clean Out The Fridge

Guaranteed there will be a few food goals on your “Fitness Bucket List”. Maybe it is time to clean out the fridge and cupboards in order to assess nutritional targets.

Another great way to discover new food ambitions is to visit the doctor and check your blood for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You could discover that you need to include more leafy greens into your diet, or add a Vitamin K supplement into your morning routine.

In a perfect and healthy world, what would your daily meal plan look like?

Get Fit and Certified

Did you ever want to get your Trampoline Certification? Or maybe you always wanted to climb a mountain or learn how to scuba dive. There are endless amounts of courses that can keep you looking fit and toned for the rest of your life.

Assess Your Gym Equipment

Could you fit a fitness dance pole in your living room? Or maybe you want to learn how to hula hoop like a pro. Adding a few fitness ‘must haves’ to your goal list is an easy way to spice up your fit life.

Do You Like to Travel?

If you like to travel the world, why not include some fitness goals along the way? Most people gain weight during vacations, but including travel into your “Fitness Bucket List” is a healthy way to prevent the extra travel pounds.

Below you will find a “Top 50 Fitness Bucket List”. Feel free to include any of these goals into your own fitness bucket list!

  1. Go Caving/Spelunking/Potholing
  2. Climb a Mountain in Tibet
  3. Go Sky Diving
  4. Run a Marathon
  5. Complete a 5 Day Juice Feast
  6. Don’t “Eat Out” for 6 Months
  7. Learn how to Surf in Hawaii
  8. Complete a Yoga Teachers Training Course in the Bahamas
  9. Learn how to Kayak
  10. Take a Couples Yoga Course
  11. Learn how to Balance Rocks
  12. Complete a 10 Day Raw Food Cleanse
  13. Learn how to Sail
  14. Read 12 Fitness Books in 1 Year
  15. Do 30 Push-ups a day for 30 Days
  16. Complete the Entire P90X (or Similar) Workout Schedule
  17. Take a Meditation Course
  18. Hire a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach
  19. Learn how to Build a Tiny Home
  20. Enroll in a Bikini/Body Building Competition
  21. Build an Igloo
  22. Complete a Body Massage Training Course
  23. Learn how to Sword Fight
  24. Take a Bike Tour around Iceland
  25. 7 Day Hike Across Peru (Machu Picchu)
  26. Learn how to Belly Dance
  27. Take a Reflexology Course
  28. Buy the “All-in-One Free Weight Set”
  29. Eat Raw Food Until 4pm
  30. Take a Skateboarding Course
  31. Take a healthy cooking course
  32. Buy a new fitness wardrobe
  33. Learn how to do the Front and Side Splits
  34. Complete 1 Month of Crossfit training
  35. Don’t Eat After 6pm for 2 Weeks
  36. Learn how to “Flag Pole”
  37. Do a Headstand for 15 Minutes
  38. Learn 5 new Jump Rope Tricks
  39. Achieve an Athletic Body Fat Percentage
  40. Complete a Farm Internship in New Zealand
  41. Get Certified as a Permaculture Gardener in Ireland
  42. Climb a Red Wood Tree
  43. Learn How to Play the Drums
  44. Learn How to Snowboard
  45. Take a Fitness Theory Course
  46. Learn How to Ballroom Dance
  47. Learn How to Kick Box
  48. Enroll in Tai Chi
  49. DIY Daily Yoga Routine
  50. Send Love to the Reflection in the Mirror – Every Day!

These are just a few examples for a “Fitness Bucket List”. You can add, change, remove or complete your own list for the greatest motivational results.

Don’t forget to review this list a few times a month and cross off any completed goals.

If you want to share your “Fitness Bucket List” with others, you can check out this website and start sharing your fit and fabulous ambitions with others.

And let us know in the comments, what are some of the things you would add to your fitness bucket list?

Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli has always had an infatuation with keeping fit and improving life. Whether it is strength training, endurance building, or self-study research, she has devoted endless hours to them all. Her interest in health started at an early age. From swim competitions to long distance running, she discovered that keeping fit is an integral part of her life. After being diagnosed with... Read More

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