Some people think and actually feel that working out is ONLY about getting a hot body and looking good. Sorry my friend, getting your fitness game up can solve other problems too. Fitness is linked to improving all sorts of things like health (obviously) career and body image. Living a healthy lifestyle can also help improve your relationships.

This past week while catching up on the news, a story came up about a woman who lost 130 lbs after her divorce. Not sure if her weight was one of factors as to why the divorce happened. Or if the relationship was the cause of her being overweight. But how you look, and feel most definitely factors into relationship dynamics.

Here are some ways incorporating fitness into your life can improve your relationships.

Be Happy

Studies time, after time have proven that frequent exercise makes people happy. When you start and finish a work project it makes you happy. The same goes for working out. It’s hard to get started, but when you do and finish your routine you feel accomplished. It makes you feel good about yourself, on top of the endorphins that are released because of your sweat session. And happy people want to be around happy people.

Feel Good

There are a lot of people out there who would rather not work out because they don’t like to sweat. Lets give those people the blank stare, and forget about their ridiculous excuse as to why they opt out of working out. You know how good you feel after a workout. When you feel good about yourself, other people notice this.

Look Better

A lot of times people hit the gym because their goal is to look like their favorite celebrity who just graced the cover of the magazine. There are no guarantees that you’ll achieve that body and look, which is a whole other article. But, depending on your body type, dropping a few inches or pounds (whilst gaining lean muscle) may give you a healthier look. You will feel better about the way you look and this in turn will boost your self confidence.

More Energy

If you are the friend that’s always cancelling because you are “too tired” then you need to do some type of physical activity fast. If not you’ll lose friends from always cancelling. Working out will give you more energy as it increases your stamina. So you’ll be able to work and hit the bar after with friends and not want to sleep in the menu.

Less Stress

A study in the Harvard Health Publications from Harvard Medical School published a study about the benefits of exercise. Exercise helps to lower the body’s stress hormones; adrenaline and cortisol. When you’re less stressed you think clearer and can handle the drama that comes with relationships.

Feel More Confident

Confidence is king. People who are confident are more successful than those who aren’t, and accomplish more. They are also seen as more reliable. You can get your confidence up by working out. Just the feeling of knowing you took a step towards improving your health will lend you a step further towards more confidence.

Be Stronger Mentally

Fitness is more mental than physical. Physical change is a walk on the beach compared to altering one’s mind. But once you get going and get past the self-doubt and mental blocks, workout and you’ll get stronger both physically and mentally. This allows you to have clearer thinking and make better decisions.

More attractive

I don’t care who you are no one wants to be with someone who is unattractive. It sounds superficial, but that’s the truth. Now on the other side of this, everyone sees beauty through different lenses. So you might think Jon is the hottest guy in the world, but your girl Sarah thinks he looks like a Toad. Also when your significant other is desired by others it makes you want them more. You’ll not only feel it, but look it too which will make you carry yourself with confidence. And that is very attractive.

Teena Cathey

Teena Cathey is a certified personal trainer who focuses on endurance and energy training. She runs two group fitness boot camp classes called Go Harder in Detroit, MI. Teena is author of the free ebook, How to Find The Right Personal Trainer. When not with clients Teena enjoys painting, playing basketball or with her dog Mister. She’s very social, follow her on... Read More

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