It’s a new year. A new you. Or at least that’s what you told yourself when you woke up January 1st. Whether you made a New Year’s resolution or not, there is still plenty of time to create and achieve personal goals. Just because the holidays are over and the New Year hype has died down, doesn’t mean you cannot jump on the resolution band wagon. You’ll just be a little late, and that’s okay.

You already have a resolution

Lucky for you, one of the hardest parts is over. Coming up with a resolution can be a daunting task in itself. But, now that you have a goal in mind you can focus on how you are going to achieve that goal. Don’t feel defeated and guilty if you didn’t start on your resolution right away. In order to successfully accomplish a resolution you must have a plan of action and feel good about it.

Give yourself a week or two to work out the kinks and make a timeline for your goals. Once you have a start date, commit to it and begin your journey to a new you.

You couldn’t come up with a resolution

That’s okay! There is no rule or repercussion for not having made a resolution before 11:59pm on December 31st. Give yourself a new deadline; February 1st or the day after Valentine’s Day. This will allow you more time to find a meaningful resolution instead of settling, or worse, not making one at all.

Resolution ideas

The most common New Year’s resolution is health related, followed by financially related resolutions. Instead of making a broad goal, try to make specific goals that pertain to your needs.

Here are some examples of goals that can be customized to fit your life.

Health and wellness:

  • Goal weight
  • Goal body fat percentage
  • Goal lean weight percentage
  • Give up a certain food or drink
  • Give up fast food
  • Specific number of miles run
  • Specific number of miles biked
  • Learn to cook health-conscious meals
  • Register for a fitness class and do not miss a day
  • Hire a personal trainer


  • Specific amount of money saved
  • Specific amount of money paid towards a debt
  • Open a money market, CD, or savings account

Unconventional resolution ideas:

If you have already checked all the typical New Year’s resolutions off your list in years prior, try to think outside of the box. Allow yourself to have fun with it and be open to new experiences.

Here are a few examples of some unique resolutions:

  • Pick a positive word to live by for the year
  • Put away all technology for a certain amount of time each day
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Pay it forward once a week
  • Volunteer
  • Make something from scratch
  • Read a certain number of books
  • Shop locally

How to keep a resolution

Decide you want it!

No matter how big or small, hard or easy, your resolution is, you will face challenges along the way. You must predetermine your attitude and your commitment to the goal you have set for yourself. Be aware that you will run into obstacles, they are just a part of the journey. Make it an enjoyable journey which you can learn from by taking the good with the bad.

Grab a friend

Everything is better with good company. Just like getting a workout buddy, find a friend or a family member who can join you and help keep you accountable. Even if you don’t have the same exact goals, the ability to share struggles and trails with someone can be very helpful.

Happy New You!

The key to keeping a New Year’s resolution, or any goal in general, is choosing one that suits you. You are more likely to forget about a resolution if it doesn’t play a significant role in your life, or if it is unrealistic for your life at the moment. Choose something that is challenging but still enjoyable. And don’t forget to have fun with it.

Cheers to a happy New Year and a happier new you!

Micah Larsen

Micah is a traveling swim coach and personal trainer, depending on the season. She is also currently working on her Master of Science in Athletic Administration and Coaching. Micah loves to live an active lifestyle, whether she is competing in open water swims, running a road race, practicing yoga, or biking with her dogs. The main objective in her career is to... Read More

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