Are you fed up with being lazy? Do you want to finally transform your ‘flab’ into ‘fab’? Read on and discover oodles of tips and tricks to triumph in the New Year. As 2014 has now come to an end, and the possibilities of 2015 are endless, the time for change is in the air. Around the world millions of people have made New Years resolutions. Promising to become better, more vibrant individuals. Usually those resolutions are created to improve a state of well being, especially when it comes to fitness. If you are hoping to change your life and improve your health in 2015 it would be helpful to follow these tips for longest lasting results.

Start Small

In order to succeed with a ‘New Years Resolution’, one must decide upon a task that is achievable and realistic, especially when health is the focus. Quitting smoking is one of the most common New Years resolutions. It is not easy, but completely realistic and supports a very healthy lifestyle. However, developing an incredible fitness regime or diet that completely contrasts normal life may be impossible to follow. Choosing something that can easily integrate into an already established life pattern will always work best. Furthermore, avoid setting too many New Years resolutions. One task at a time will ensure a positive attitude, especially when successful.

Envision Success

Visualization techniques are very important when trying to achieve health related goals. Taking some time out of each day and focus on the goal and how you will look/feel when you achieve the goal will create a positive mental atmosphere that supports success. Another great way to help manifest your New Years fitness goals is to record day to day achievements in a journal. Something magical happens when pen and paper meet, particularly when recording the great achievements of everyday life.

Like Minded Friends

If you want to be different, it is a great idea to hang around with different people. Likewise, if you want to get fit and healthy, then hang around fit and healthy people. It is common practice for many individuals to join a new fitness program or acquire a new gym membership in the early New Year. Some people find success by making new friends with new healthy habits. Locating a support network to strengthen any New Years resolution goals can truly assist in breaking old habits and developing new healthy and happy hobbies.

Eat Well Be Well

As stated before, many people choose a new fad diet for their New Years resolution. Whatever you do though, avoid starving the brain. As a wise man once said, “No gas, no car go”, meaning if you don’t fuel your brain it will be near impossible to stick with any task long enough to make a healthy difference. Let food be thy medicine; nourish the brain and the body will give you enough energy to exercise and make healthy choices for a happier life. Eating a high carbohydrate diet is proving to not only regulate blood sugars but it also helps rid the body of excess weight. Read more about the benefits of a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle (Raw Till 4).

Move It Like You Mean It

So maybe you don’t want to run a marathon, or win a 2015 fitness competition. But, it is still important to move your body every day. No matter how trivial your resolutions may seem, like ‘stop biting your nails’; it is still a good practice to include exercise for mental support. Getting a higher volume of oxygen in the blood (increased VO2 levels) will clarify mind power and support a greater focus on life’s goals. Try to implement a 5 minute stretch before starting your day, or before bedtime. Include light exercises like ‘walking’ each day and get out and dance as much as possible. Changing life’s old habits is hard, but the happier and healthier you are the easier it is to make those goals a reality.

Meditate More

It may sound cliche to say that meditation helps manifest goals into real life. But it’s true. Meditation has an unbelievable track record at transforming ungrounded lifestyles into a vibrant reality. There are hundreds if not thousands of online meditation courses (some for free) that offer detailed instruction on how to meditate. There are many different styles of meditation. If one doesn’t seem to work for you, try another.

Here are a few mediation courses/videos that can greatly assist a meditatior at any skill level (beginner or experienced);

Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day MeditationExperience™, Energy of Attraction – Manifesting Your Best Life

Guided Meditation For Success in Your New Year Resolution – Matthew Brownstein

The Golden Path – Free Meditations • New Year’s Resolutions Guided Meditation. (Although this meditation video was made for 2014, it is a powerful recording that can help achieve many new goals for any upcoming years including 2015.)

Make It Happen

With the proper planning, nutrition, exercise and mind power, any task is available to be conquered. However, without a deep desire to improve the current state of one’s life, the energy to move past comfortable habits may not be present. When choosing a New Years resolution, be clear and precise. Avoid concentrating on goals that are not in alignment with your current state of being. If you truly desire a change, especially when it comes to a fit body, it will happen. Only you can change your lifestyle.

May you transform to meet your goals this year, 2015.

Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli has always had an infatuation with keeping fit and improving life. Whether it is strength training, endurance building, or self-study research, she has devoted endless hours to them all. Her interest in health started at an early age. From swim competitions to long distance running, she discovered that keeping fit is an integral part of her life. After being diagnosed with... Read More

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