With the Christmas season right around the corner it’s time to start buying gifts. Not sure what to get the fitness junkies in your life? Maybe you’re more of a gift card person. Here is a Christmas gift guide with a range of suggestions for the active people, or fitness fanatics, in your life:



  1. A pair of compression socks for them. Compression socks help increase blood circulation and help recover faster after a tough run.
  2. If gift cards are more your style, consider buying them an entry into a race you know they run in or even dream of running in. You could also give some cash that is designated for their next race entry.
  3. Running during the cold winter months requires winter gear. Look into gloves or ear warmers for your runner to fight the cold out.

    Strength Training

  4. A vibrant pair of headphones for the weight room is another small and unique gift idea. Help them stay in the zone when their working out with a quality pair of headphones.
  5. Kettle Bells, you can’t go wrong with giving a kettle bell as a gift (don’t forget to check that it is an appropriate weight for the recipient), great for adding weight to at home workouts and fantastic for using with dynamic and functional exercises to get more benefit from a workout.
  6. If the person you are buying for is not a fan of kettle bells then how about a sandbag, these are great to use and the bonus here is the weight can be adjusted.
  7. If more versatility is needed to cover all sorts of different exercises (and the variable weights needed for them) why not go for a set of adjustable dumbbells.
  8. A new gym bag is a great gift and a welcome replacement to a used sweaty bag.
  9. For the weight room addict creatine, whey protein, and BCAAs may be common words in their vocabulary, but they may sound like a whole other language to you. Not sure what product to get someone? Get them a gift card to a nutritional supplement store. Now you don’t have to worry if you got them the wrong brand or kind. They can go pick out exactly they want.
  10. CrossFit

  11. Don’t let a t-shirt get in the way of kipping pull-ups. Tank tops are always a necessity in a CrossFit wardrobe.
  12. For the obsessed CrossFitters keep an eye out for accessories. Eventually a CrossFitter will buy their own jump rope, so it’ll be fit to their height. Know your loved one is in need of a jump rope? Don’t hesitate to buy them an adjustable one.
  13. Calloused hands and hand rips are a common side effect from CrossFit. Handgrips can be found for around $20-40 dollars and can help save hands.


    For the yogi in your life look out for yoga accessories or cute yoga outfits.

  14. A yoga mat tote is the perfect gift to keep a yoga mat, keys, water bottle, etc. all in the same bag!
  15. Whether it’s for yoga or pilates or an at-home ab workout, a yoga mat is an essential item that can be used for a variety of workouts. A yoga mat is never a bad gift idea.


  16. For the Spin cyclist help them stay hydrated during the intense cardio session with an easy to grab water bottle.
  17. Nothing is more annoying than your hair slipping out onto your face in the middle of a hardcore spin session. A headband is the perfect stocking stuffer or an inexpensive option for a Christmas gift.

    Barre & Pilates

  18. Know someone who is bananas for Barre? Every Barre lover needs a pair of sticky grip socks to help prevent sliding. Barre socks can be found around $12 to $20 dollars.
  19. Step out of a pilates or barre workout without anyone every knowing you were just at a workout class with a scarf to accessorize.
  20. A trip to the pilates studio isn’t complete without a cute and comfortable sports bra to keep everything in place.

    Any Fitness Lover

  21. Any fitness lover needs a foam roller. You can find a basic foam roller in the $20-$30 dollar price range. Foam rollers help break down adhesions in muscle tissue. This self-massage took helps with a faster recovery and keeping muscles ready to work.
  22. You can never go wrong with a simple workout tank to keep your workout junkie styling for any sweaty occasion.
  23. Leggings are an essential for most all fitness lovers. A good quality pair of leggings can be worn for a day in the weight room or a session on the mat.
  24. Resistance Bands – great for home workouts, to keep fit whilst traveling, increasing flexibility, the list goes on… a very versatile and useful piece of equipment for any fitness lover.
  25. Give a Stability Ball to someone who loves to exercise from the comfort of their own home, the can take their standard exercises to the next level. Also great for sitting on at a desk to improve core strength and posture.
  26. An aerobic step should be part of everyone’s home gym equipment. Great for getting your heart rate up to fit in some cardio without going outside, but also good for doing multi movement exercises with weights.
  27. Massager – Anyone who exercises in any form knows that sometimes those muscles need a little something extra help to soothe any aches or stiffness. A massager is a wonderful invention that can both sooth muscles and aid in relaxation.
  28. Blender for Smoothies/Juices – for your fitness fanatic to enjoy a smoothie or juice packed with vital nutrients a blender is a necessary piece of equipment.
  29. A timer will help any fitness fanatic can keep track whilst doing Tabatas, circuit training or sprint runs.
  30. Heart Rate Monitor – A gift for those who want to make sure they are working out in their optimum training zone without the need for guessing.

If all else fails and you’re out of options any athlete would love a gift card to their favorite athletic store. They get to pick out what they want and you don’t have to worry about picking out the right size or color.

Any other suggestions for our gift guide. Let us know!

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