Getting the body of your dreams does not require fancy equipment, the new bowflex, fancy treadmills or anything else. All you need is a little motivation and faith in yourself.

Forget machines at the gym and hours on the elliptical. You can train from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else and get the results you really want. Here is a little secret that people in the commercials don’t tell you: all you have to do is move more and eat right.

One of the best ways to train from home is simply by using your own bodyweight. Of course, bodyweight exercise is rarely recommended by exercise companies because it costs nothing and anyone can do it, but this also means that it’s accessible to everyone.

You know what that means? No more excuses!

Fitness experts know that training with your body weight is incredibly versatile; you can exercise at the park, in front of your TV, in a hotel room during your travels (or even an airport terminal if you’re in the mood) – in fact, with just your body weight, you can train pretty much anywhere you find yourself.

The Basics of Bodyweight Exercise

These include exercises like squats, push ups (or variations of them), lunges, shoulder press-outs and the plank. Doing the same exercises for 4 weeks and progressively doing more of them will yield great results.

If you’ve got dumbbells at home, all the better! You can now use your home as a gym, or even bring them along with you to the park, while you travel and anywhere away from home.

Here is a workout you can do anywhere at any time:

2 minutes jumping jacks

25 Squats

Standing up with feet just outside of shoulder width, dip down from the hips as though going to sit on a low stool. Stand up immediately. Keep your hands up in front of you for balance!

10 Push Ups

If you are unable to perform a classic push up, try a ‘negative’ push up. Lay flat on the floor and place both hands squarely under the shoulders. Push into the floor, peeling your body upwards starting with the chest, stomach, hips, knees and then all the way up to the toes. Finish in the extended, plank position. Peel back down in the same way; starting by dropping the knees to the floor, the hips, stomach and chest.

25 Curl to Shoulder Press

Using a weighted object (or dumbbells if you have them) in each hand, stand with your abs tucked tightly. Curl the hands up from fully extended to the shoulders, then press your arms straight overhead. Fully extend your arms at the top to lock your elbows. Return to the start position.

10 Plank Tucks

On the floor on all fours, lift your knees up so you are supported on your toes. Your feet should be spaced comfortably. Draw one knee at a time upwards to your chest; tuck as far as you can then replace your foot. Alternate knee tucks.

Repeat 2 or 3 rounds of this and see how you do.

Train From Home Workout

Warm Up

2 minutes of Jumping Jacks


25 Squats
10 Push Ups
25 Curl to Shoulder Press
10 Plank Tucks

Exercise Disclaimer

In the interest of your safety, it is important to check with your physician before beginning any exercise program and to exercise according to your fitness level and capabilities. If you have any questions, please seek the guidance of a health professional.

Exercise Videos

After the first workout you might find yourself a little sore, which is great news! Don’t forget to eat well after your workout to replenish energy and help build strength and muscle tone. Protein and healthy carbs are in good order! Try a tuna salad, or mixed green salad with hard boiled eggs.

Looking for More Workouts?

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging, or you just want to spice things up, we’ve got a TON of free workouts to help you get that dream body and sculpt some seriously sexy curves.

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