There’s no time like now to get that fit body you always dreamed of. With a few handy fitness tools by your side, you can always feel inspired to kick fat and keep fit for life. Even athletes and fitness competitors need to find new ways to feel inspired to go out and exercise. Having a gym membership may help, but access to smart phones, the internet, fit gadgets and more have become essential tools for a successful ‘fitspiration‘ routine.

There are so many different ways to keep your body, mind and spirit inspired to keep fit. Many of these fit-tools offer a variety of benefits from organizing your meal plans to monitoring your sleep patterns, but which ones are best for achieving the fittest bodies?

Aside from great running shoes and sexy workout clothes, below you will find a few of our top 10 rated fitness gadgets ‘must haves’ that may help you reach your dream fit body and keep it for life.


  1. Adjustable Dumbbells

    If you haven’t heard of adjustable dumbbells yet you are missing out on some major fitspiration. There is nothing like having 5-50lb weights hanging out in your at home gym. They look super cool and they are incredibly compact which is perfect for small dwellings and tight spaces. Having these lying around helps keep your body in top notch shape year round.

  2. Weighted Jump Rope

    When the weather is bad or you just can’t find the time to get out to the gym, having access to a jump rope is a great idea. Weighted jump ropes are now available and can help you burn more calories than a regular jump rope. Watch this video for more jump rope motivation.

  3. Pull-up Bar

    If you don’t have one yet – you need one. These pull up bars can be placed in any doorway and offer great inspiration for anyone passing through. You can easily add 10 more pull-ups to your daily fitness routine when you have one of these hanging around.


  1. My Fitness Pal

    Using websites like not only get your workout goals in order, but you can target your food Macro goals as well as monitor your daily water intake. Best of all, My Fitness Pal connects you to an amazing community of fitness seekers and keepers. This application is available on the web or as a iPhone/android download and will help keep you hitting your fitness goals when all else fails.

  2. Body Space

    There are many different websites and applications that offer workout routines, but certainly has an amazing layout and can integrate with various applications. You can download the app onto your phone to use at the gym or pull up your fitness program on your computer. It’s like having access to a personal trainer who tracks your progress but saves you money at the same time.

Fitness Gadgets

  1. MP3/Music Player with Arm/Waist Holder

    Although it seems like a silly tool to list as an inspirational fitness gadget many athletes will agree, having access to an amazing playlist will pump up your fitness output during workouts. Make sure to find an arm holder or clip to secure your music player in place. It is not fun to break your MP3 player midway through a workout.

  2. Activity Tracker Devices

    These fitness gadgets have been all the rage as of late. They come in so many different styles and can upload your daily fitness results to many different programs. My Fitness Pal even offers Activity Tracker integration. Having one of these on your wrist is definitely a must have for the serious ‘fit body’ contender.

Kitchen Tools

  1. Blender

    If you are regularly using food tracking software you may have noticed that it is hard to consume all of the daily recommended vitamins and minerals. Worse yet, you may have discovered that protein is a hard macro to hit every day and completely necessary to keep your muscles toned and strong. Using a blender to mix in more greens and proteins for your drinkable pleasure is certainly a time saver.

  2. Food Scale and Portion Sized Tupperware

    As they say, keeping fit happens in the kitchen. Once you know your recommended macros measurements (protein, carbs and fat ratios) for your fit body goals getting into the habit of measuring your portion sizes becomes a fitness priority. Luckily, having a food scale and access to websites/apps like My Fitness Pal makes macro measuring an enjoyable task. If you are into food prepping for the day or week, measuring your meals and portioning them into portable food containers keeps the ‘food cheating’ down to a minimum.

  3. Body Fat Caliper and Body Tape Measure

    Move over weigh scale, using a body fat caliper and tape measure are the best tools to accurately measure your fitness progress. Although it looks a little intimidating once you get the hang of measuring your body fat and size you may just kick that weigh scale to the curb. You can even track your body fat loss and measurements with Body Space or My Fitness Pal. Using these tools and photographing your fitness progress is the best way to keep motivated for a fit life.

Aside from a great water bottle, and smile, the tools mentioned above can truly transform the ways someone can integrate more fitness motivation into their life. Of course, these are only a few fitness tools available. If you try a few out please share with us which ones you liked best on our Facebook or Twitter,

Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli has always had an infatuation with keeping fit and improving life. Whether it is strength training, endurance building, or self-study research, she has devoted endless hours to them all. Her interest in health started at an early age. From swim competitions to long distance running, she discovered that keeping fit is an integral part of her life. After being diagnosed with... Read More

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