It seems everyone is pressed for time these days. With commitments at home, work and school, people are busier than ever, which means health and wellness take a back seat. Waistlines expand, clothes become tight, and, worse, health issues begin to come up. Reality sets in- you have to make time to take care of yourself and you have to make time for the gym.

Even the thought of getting fit can be overwhelming for people, to the point of anxiety. And so the cycle continues- you avoid the gym, you stay busier than ever and your health continues to decline while your body expands.

There is some good news though here- you can do this. You can make time to workout and still keep your commitments. Ranging from 7 minutes to 30 minutes, the following 3 routines will torch calories, boost your metabolism and give you all day energy to attack your busy life.

Workout 1: The 7 Minute Workout

Workout 2: 20 Minutes of Intervals

Workout 3: 30 Minute Miracle

In conclusion, notice how easy it is to squeeze working out in your life. You have 3 routines here, all of which can be modified to be best for you and your abilities, that can change your life. From 7 minutes to 30 minutes long, you can change the spiral that your busy-ness has created of too much stress, too much food and, probably, too little sleep.

High intensity workouts like the three above are key to changing your body, reducing belly fat by up to 11% faster than normal steady-state working out (like running at a steady pace for 30 minutes straight). All of them are nearly equipment-free and can be done on the floor of your home or hotel room. All can be done while keeping your commitments to school, work and home and still keeping your commitment to yourself to lose weight and feel better.

Now, tomorrow, just get up 10 minutes earlier than normal and give the 7 minute workout a try! Your body, metabolism and energy will thank you in return!

Christy Lyons

Christy Lyons, M.A., PHR, is a former corporate wellness company owner & freelance Yoga, Pilates, and barre/toning instructor. As an E-RYT, she has been teaching yoga since 2007 and has also run 2 teacher training programs. She is an NASM-CPT and specialized in working with clients with autoimmune diseases, spinal injuries, and other unique cases. After selling her business in 2013, Christy... Read More

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