The holiday season can result in a love/hate relationship with your health and fitness routine. You want to enjoy the holiday meals and time spent with family without sacrificing the hard work you’ve been doing in the gym this year. Instead of using the holidays as an excuse to blow your diet, use it as an extra push of motivation!

You don’t have to sacrifice time with family to be in the gym. Instead here are 10 tips for staying healthy during this holiday season.

  1. Get in a quick 10-15 minute workout.

    Ten to fifteen minutes is all it takes to get some calories burned and your blood flowing before a big holiday meal. You don’t have to spend an hour at the gym away from family to get in some movement for the day. Go for a quick run or do a quick bodyweight workout or yoga video.

  2. Staying at a family member’s house?

    Don’t worry about waking up your cousins with your jumping jacks. There are many bodyweight moves and exercises you can do that don’t create a lot of noise. Try this quick and quiet 15 minute circuit:

    • Air Squats 1 minute
    • Push-Ups 1 minute
    • Sit-Ups 1 minute
    • Donkey Kicks (30 seconds each leg) 1 minute
    • Tricep Dips 1 minute
    • Plank 1 minute
    • Alternating Lunges 1 minute
    • Wall Sit 30 seconds Repeat that circuit twice for a quick fifteen minute workout.
  3. Go for a walk.

    Instead of lying down to nap after a big meal, grab a few family members or friends and get outside. Go for a brisk 15-30 minute walk to help your food digest and push any anxiety out of your mind. It’s the perfect way to keep conversation going while getting a sweat session in.

  4. Get out and play!

    If you happen to have children in attendance during your holiday activities take the opportunity to get active with them. Children have an abundance of energy and a 30 minute game of hide and seek could leave you huffing and puffing.

    You could also organize a family flag football game to get everyone moving! Kids aren’t your thing? Grab the family dog and take it out for a walk.

  5. Bring a healthy dish.

    When it comes to eating healthy during the holidays and at gatherings, don’t depend on other people to bring a healthy dish. If you want to guarantee that you will have healthy options at your holiday meal, the smartest option is for you to prepare and bring something! Now you’ll at least have one healthy option to balance the rest of your meal.

  6. Holiday races.

    Help spread the holiday cheer by signing up for a Turkey Trot or Jingle Bell race. Having a scheduled event to go to will give you the motivation to attend and get moving. Encourage your family or friends to join in to spread health to those around you.

  7. Enjoy the snow.

    If you happen to live in a place with an abundance of snow then get active by going outside. Take a ski or snowboard trip. A day spent out on the slopes will burn hundreds of calories while working your muscles. If winter sports aren’t your thing an old fashioned snow ball fight or building a classic snow man is a way to spend some energy.

  8. Speed up holiday shopping.

    Spending a day out shopping for holiday gifts and getting shopping deals, is a way to be active without you even noticing it. Shopping will have you up on your feet all day, so speed your mall walk up. Volunteer to carry the extra shopping bags to add some weight to your walking.

  9. Protect yourself from sickness.

    Cold and flu season is upon us. Take extra precautions during this holiday season to keep away unwanted sickness. Be sure to wash your hands and stay hydrated.

  10. Treat yourself.

    Don’t be afraid to indulge during the holiday season. You deserve it. Being unhappy mentally and stressing about fitting in a workout or questioning if you want dessert is a waste of energy. Enjoy getting to sleep in. Go get a manicure or a massage with friends. Savor a slice of your favorite pie or an extra side of mashed potatoes.

Most importantly, enjoy spending time with your family and friends. You may sacrifice some of your physical health, but spending time with your loved ones will do more wonders for your emotional health. Don’t be afraid to indulge during this festive time of year, but be sure to take the opportunity to be healthy when you can!

Skylar Starbuck

Skylar Starbuck is a 22 year old college student who has a passion for leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Before going off to college Skylar had always been involved in year round athletics in school, so her personal fitness journey began her freshman year of college. She then realized that it was now up to her to take care of her physical... Read More

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