Do not fall off track when a road trip adventure is just around the corner. Keep fit inspired and health conscious while on the road by considering the following thoughts before you pack your bags.

Everybody loves a good road trip but hates the pounds gained while travelling. However, not all road trips have to end in love handle souvenirs or larger pants sizes.

With proper planning, food preparation and a few fit conscious friends, you can return from your road trip, or camping adventure looking fitter than ever before.

Fit Travel Tools

Meal Prep

The most important thing to plan before putting the pedal to the metal is your daily meals. First, establish how long your road trip will take and how many meals you need to account for.


There is a new travel tool in town called the Hand Powered Blender. It makes great smoothies for any health conscious creature.

Packing a plug-in water kettle is also a great to have if you enjoy oatmeal for breakfast. If you need extra protein at the start of your day, enjoy a few ‘already made’ hard-boiled eggs.


Easy to grab snack foods are essential to prevent fast food temptations. Fruits and veggies are an amazingly healthy alternative to chips and dip.


Wraps and sandwiches make a mess free lunch. Alternatively a homemade low fat noodle salad is always a great thing to enjoy during the drive.


Rice is always a friend of the fit inspired individual. However, if you dare to dine out during dinner, just remember that you can always ask for ‘healthy alternatives’ to any meal on the road-stop diner menu. Many restaurants are happy to provide alternatives to their health conscious customers. Just don’t forget to tip the wait staff for arranging a healthy meal with the back of house.


It’s always better to avoid the sweet tooth while travelling on the road. You never know what calorie packed adventure is just around the corner.

Workout Schedule

Now that mealtime is sorted – it’s time to burn off those calories. During rest-stop breaks, bring out the yoga mat and squeeze in a 5 minute high intensity workout. Include burpees, pistol squats, jump tucks and pushups for greatest calorie burn potential. Just be sure to apply adequate amount of deodorant after said workout. You don’t want your friends to consider leaving you at the rest stop, after all.

Keep Active

Another way to burn calories during a road trip is choosing active adventures. Climb the nearest mountain, swim in the closest sea. If it is a challenge, then you should attempt it.

Fitness Friends

There is nothing worse for your fitness goals than travelling with a non-fitness oriented friend. If you really want to stick with your goals while adventuring from town to town, you best bring a buddy that loves to keep healthy too.

Gym Vacation Day Pass

Another great way to squeeze in some fitness during a road trip is visiting a local gym and asking for a day pass or vacation credit. Many gyms offer perks for travellers. You can also take advantage of the fitness centers located in hotels/motels – or if there are no local fitness centers, take a jog around the block early morning. After all, you may discover a spectacular sightseeing adventure that you didn’t know existed.

Farmers Market

Since the internet is practically everywhere now a days, thanks to satellite connection, check out the local farmers market schedule. This is a great way to pick up some fabulously delicious local, in season foods, as well as connect with the heart of the nearest town you are in.

Road Worthy Workout

Before you go, you may want to save the following workout for when you are on the road and have a moment to sweat. All you need is some running shoes and fit minded determination. Click on the following links to view a quick video instruction of each move or sequence. Be sure to download the video(s) for later viewing on the road if needed.

30 Wide Leg Sumo Squats

30 Spider Man Planks

30 Tuck Jumps

30 Downward Dog Pushups

5 Minute Full Body Stretch/Cool Down

Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli has always had an infatuation with keeping fit and improving life. Whether it is strength training, endurance building, or self-study research, she has devoted endless hours to them all. Her interest in health started at an early age. From swim competitions to long distance running, she discovered that keeping fit is an integral part of her life. After being diagnosed with... Read More

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