Are you lucky enough to live in a warm winter land? Keeping fit may seem easy year round. However, for those who dwell in the far North, where temperatures can drop well below freezing – it may seem near impossible to fight the fat away. The worst thing one can do in the winter, is fear weight gain. Instead, focus on practicing fitness indoors, or even outside with sweat resistant winter workout wear.

Practicing a strict fitness workout routine throughout the winter months will assist in finally breaking through fat loss plateaus. Not to mention, if one can manage to keep fit throughout colder months it will be even easier to maximize fitness levels during the warm months.

Here are some fabulous ways to keep fit in the winter;

Eat Right

As the famous fitness models always say, abs are made in the kitchen. It is especially important to practice a healthy diet during the winter months. Our ancestors were used to eating high fat foods to prepare for the long winter months. However, if you are living in the first world countries, food is in abundance. There is no need to up the fat intake. In fact, it has been proven by many health practitioners, a low fat diet will keep us ‘humans’ lean for life.

Choose the right foods, all the time and you will find that the ‘extra winter pounds’ will stay away for good. There is no time or place for processed foods, choose ripe fruits and organic veggies and watch your health maximize.

Gym Memberships

It doesn’t always make sense to work out ‘indoors’ in the warmer months. However, as stated before, for those that suffer through dreadfully cold winter months, it may be easier to workout indoors, rather than ‘fight the freeze’.

If you are lucky, you may find a reasonable gym with a pool. Nothing like going for a dip indoors when the temperature dips outdoors.

Group Workouts

Focusing on fitness can be very challenging in colder weather. Mainly due to the fact that most people spend time indoors, in-active. If you want to really transform into a fitness guru, why not gather some friends and family who are willing to get fit with you. There are many amazing fitness activities designed for groups.

You could find an old game of twister, or pull out the workout video games. Group fitness activities are endless. Spend time indoors, or outdoors, it really doesn’t matter as long as you all are having fun and keeping the body moving.

Outdoor Activities

Just because it is below zero, doesn’t mean you still can’t get fit outside. Invest in some fantastic snow shoes, a great winter jacket and a good pair of gloves/hat then get a move on.


If funds are not an issue, but you really want to work up a winter sweat, invest in some snowshoes or skis. Of course, you would need to live in a place that snows – a lot.

Getting around in deep snow can strengthen the entire body, burn tons of calories, and enhance the mood. The winter offers such a beautiful landscape, why not enjoy it while it lasts.


Even if you live in a warm climate, public skating rinks are awesome for keeping fit. If your city offers outdoor skating in the winter, than even better. Burn calories while having fun is a great combo.

Indoor Activities

If you are not a fan of sweating under thick jackets, wool socks and clunky boots, indoor activities may be the best thing.

Skip Rope

With oodles of skip rope/jump rope activities online, there is no excuse to keep inactive in the winter. Not only is it one of the cheapest fitness activities around but including jump rope in your weekly winter workout routine will greatly increase oxygen levels in the blood.

Winter months can cause depression and many other mood disorders. Increasing blood oxygen levels can help to alleviate the stress of being depressed.

Bike Rollers

Bike rollers are amazing for biking enthusiasts who live in cold climates. Check out this amazing video about keeping fit while using bike rollers.

Online Videos

Speaking of videos, the internet offers an endless amount of videos. Actually, there are enough fitness workout video’s online then there are days in the year. You could literally choose one at-home workout video for each day of the cold winter months, and get sweaty.

There are literally no excuses to gain weight in the winter, except for laziness, pain and/or sickness. Youtube is affordable (free), accessible to most, and offers a variety of fitness personalities. If you don’t like one, search for another.

Stair Climbs

Unless you live in a bungalow (one story house) you probably have access to a set of stairs. Lace up and run up and down.

Just be sure to include some knee strengthening workouts as the constant stress on the knee ligaments can cause unwanted pain.

Clean House

Forget about ‘spring cleaning’, why not spend the winter clearing space in your house. Deep clean your carpets, wash the walls, move furniture, resurface the wood floors.

If you were putting off any house activities, but want to keep fit during the winter, why not combine the two. It will save you loads of time. As a bonus, when the weather gets warm, you will have more free time to spend at the beach or on the hiking trails.

Sleep More

The best part about winter, other than the pristine beauty of loads snow, is the ability to catch up on your sleep debt. During inconvenient snow days, take it as a sign, the universe wants you to work out first then get right back to dream-land.

Sleeping more will help balance hormones and regulate body fat. Not to mention, make your skin look great and mood elevated!

Set Goals

Above all else, set some ‘winter goals’ for yourself. This will help break through the cabin fever symptoms and give you and your fabulous body something to look forward to other than warmer temperatures.

Using an online fitness diary like MyFitnessPal is a great way to keep track of your goals, and encourage many other people around the globe who are trying to keep fit in the winter too.

All in all, don’t fret when Jack Frost overstays his welcome. Get a move on, literally, and the winter months will melt away.

Kaeli Yarwood

Kaeli has always had an infatuation with keeping fit and improving life. Whether it is strength training, endurance building, or self-study research, she has devoted endless hours to them all. Her interest in health started at an early age. From swim competitions to long distance running, she discovered that keeping fit is an integral part of her life. After being diagnosed with... Read More

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