This is a fun article looking back at some of the fun ways youngsters, and possibly parents (if they joined in), used to keep active before the days of phones and tablets. Well before these devices became items the majority of people own and use. Many of these activities are still undertaken to this day but not in the same way or to the same extent as they used to be. Although maybe with the resurgence of everything retro maybe some of these will become popular again, if they haven’t already:

It used to be common to get together in a group and go for a bike ride or make a fort and climb trees, but the world has changed but that doesn’t mean you can’t still do these things. So why not look to the past to see what fun you can have in the future with some of these ways of having both fun and getting some exercise in.

So here we go, a list that may stir some nostalgic memories or give you inspiration for things to try in the near future:

  1. Pogo Stick

    I came across one of these recently in a thrift store and it made me smile (although I did not purchase it, I was tempted though but no, I put it back and left it for some other lucky person to find). This takes some serious balance and stamina.

  2. Climbing Trees

    This activity may not be considered so safe these days but you can always try an indoor wall climbing session or, if there are places that take you gallivanting outdoors that’s even better.

  3. Rock Hopper

    Similar, in a way, to the pogo stick but nothing to hold on to as it relies on you keeping the ball part squeezed between your feet. Great for balance. I remember bouncing around on mine when I was younger, there was always a lot of laughter when the ‘adults’ tried to have a go.

  4. Frisbee

    Grab a group of willing participants and a frisbee and off you go. Fun and fitness. No more needs to be said really, a great activity in the garden, on the beach, in the park anywhere with space. The more space the more likely you will be running around, especially if the other person has good technique!

  5. Swingball

    Hopefully there is no explanation needed for this much loved garden game. Much fun to be had with this one. Great for core and upper body but be warned, take your eye of the ball and it will come back and hit you.

  6. Rollerskating/Skateboarding

    A pair of rollerskates or a skateboard and away you go. Although finding somewhere safe, smooth and flat may be a challenge. It maybe wise to invest in protective gear for this one. You are never too old to get back into rollerskating/skateboarding or to take it up as a new hobby. Take a look at youtube there are videos popping up of people considered to be of the ‘older generation’ trying out skateboarding and enjoying it!

  7. Hopscotch

    Grab your piece of chalk and draw your grid, throw your marker in one of the squares and away you go. Yes this maybe classed as a playground activity, but it kept the kids active. If you have kids why not introduce them to the game. Or alternatively, if you don’t have kids, consider giving it a try just to see if it leaves you a little out of breath.

  8. Jump Rope

    A very good activity to have in your fitness routine. You don’t need anything but the space around you and a piece of long rope. Although the real challenge used to be when there were two ropes, with a person either end, and you had to jump in.

  9. Balance Board and Roller

    The first time I came across this was at a surf event, it was a board that you placed on top of a roller. Wisely there was a rail to hang on to when trying it out, marketed at that time as a way of improving your balance for surfing. Since then this piece of equipment seems to be making it’s way into the gym in various different disguises.Excellent for your core.

  10. Treasure Hunt

    This one will need some pre-planning but get your creative thinking hat on and write some clues and draw a map. Either design the treasure hunt around your own house and garden or alternatively create a treasure hunt that is based on items that can be found in a park etc and provide everyone with a list of all the things to find or show evidence of finding (if item is a building, special type of tree etc then take a photo in front of said item) and have a time limit.

  11. Boules, Petanque or Lawn Bowls

    A great game which can turn very competitive very quickly. This is still quite popular now, if there aren’t many willing people to join you for this one then maybe there is an active group near you.

  12. Beach Bat & Ball

    Just because it says beach doesn’t mean you need to be on one to play. Any safe, open space will do. You do need at least one other person, so start thinking of who might be a worthy opponent or at least a a willing one.

  13. Fruit Picking

    This is a leisurely activity, which is why it was left to last but it’s still a fun one. You can then have more fun either making jam or a pie afterwards. Oh wait, here’s another idea… why not keep some fruit for those delicious smooothies you can make.

Ok, there you have it, how many of these did you try when you were younger? Let’s be honest a lot of these are still fun now… maybe theses will give your memory is little nudge and you will think of other ways that you too used to stay active. Whatever the case, remember that if you have an activity you enjoy you are more likely to stick to it, but it is also good to mix your routine up now and then to prevent plateau.

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