Silvia Rodrigues is a Yoga Instructor, Graphic Designer and artist who is currently completing her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Certification Course. She is a Portuguese native who was raised in Santa Cruz, California but decided to go back to her roots and is now enjoying life in the beautiful town of Cascais, Portugal.

Silvia believes in keeping the body fit by staying active and nurturing it with clean food and maintaining a healthy state of mind with the power of positivity and daily meditation. When she's not found standing on her head (or in any other Yoga pose), she is out in nature, traveling and exploring the world. She has a keen interest in Eastern traditions which have brought harmony into her life and finds balance by incorporating them into our Western culture.

She believes our purpose is to lead a healthy, happy life, in turn motivating others to do the same. She hopes to inspire you to stay fit and create your very own healthy and happy lifestyle - and above all else, enjoy!

My Articles:

6 Tips & Tricks for Tree Pose

- - Yoga

Vrksasana, known as Tree Pose, is a satisfying and rewarding asana (pose.) It also happens to be one of my favorites with good reason. This asana builds strength, increases flexibility, opens the hips, lengthens the spine and builds up balance skills – plus it’s fun! It may seem a bit...

11 Easy Meditation Techniques

- - Lifestyle

Let’s begin my admitting that we do not know what meditation is – Not really. No amount, mixture, formula or layout of words could possibly explain: It is unexplainable. And even if words could explain, we do not currently have the capacity to comprehend them. What meditation isn’t, is mechanical....

Yoga Asanas for Awesome Abs

- - Yoga

Summer is coming (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere of planet Earth) and you want to feel completely confident in your swimwear. No worries – Yoga will help you firm and flatten those abdominals of yours. Let me just say here first, though, that I genuinely feel that...

Eating Raw for Better Health

- - Nutrition

Starting a raw diet may seem scary but believe me; you’ll love and thank yourself for making the switch. Coming from a cooking-conditioned culture and being a master chef in my own kitchen, going raw initially felt similar to that one time when I had to give up my pacifier...

Raw Arugula, Ginger and Strawberry Sandwich

- - Recipes

The simplicity of the sandwich makes them a common favorite for many; but what if I told you that you can spice up your sandwich and eat healthier with this really, really, ridiculously easy (and good-looking) recipe for a raw arugula, ginger and strawberry sandwich? Super Healthy, Easy Peasy and Quick   Eating...

Practicing the Warrior Poses

- - Yoga

The Warrior Within Possess the strength of a warrior with these powerful poses. Prepare yourself for battle (against weakness, flab and fatigue, that is) to stay fit with Warrior I, II and III. Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I) Begin by standing tall in Mountain Pose with your feet...

Relaxation for a Rejuvenated Body

- - Lifestyle

We are all superheroes but even Superman had his Kryptonite. We’re capable of handling a busy day at work, exercising afterward and still fitting in time to study, all while maintaining our relationships. But be aware – too much for too long can lead to brutal burnout. It’s important that...

Saluting the Sun for Strength

- - Yoga

Most of us multi-tasking, ever-evolving busybodies actually lead a very sedentary life. Our high-tech gadgets and gizmos never stop; meanwhile, our body sits (and probably slumps) in a mediocrely comfortable office chair. This lifestyle isn't necessarily the best thing for our posture, stress or sanity. It’s important to take time...

Hatha Yoga For Beginners

- - Yoga

An Ancient Art Yoga has been practiced for centuries in the East. The famous Yoga teacher BKS Iyengar said, "When I practice, I am a philosopher, when I teach, I am a scientist, when I demonstrate, I am an artist." Many people may resonate with this, but to be honest, you...

The Amazing Benefits of Breathing

- - Fitness

What is breath? Do you ever stop and marvel at the magical and mysterious occurrence that is breath? We’ve become so used to it as a common every day/every second occurrence that “just happens,” that we don’t ever step back and wonder why, or how, for that matter. Few of...