Kristy Brannon

Kristy Brannon is a freelance writer who is always trying to make time in her busy schedule for better health. She is a yoga and running enthusiast and enjoys reading about the science behind how our bodies work. Kristy loves to cook and likes changing a classic recipe into a healthier option. She hopes to continue improving on herself with exercise and better nutrition in the future.

My Articles:

2 Summer Salads

- - Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to start eating salads. These tasty combinations will keep you happy when it's so hot outside that all you can eat is a cool, light treat. Most of these ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. You can also gather some organic, in...

Herbal Tea Remedies

- - Nutrition

Herbal tea remedies have been used in many different cultures as a natural cure for sickness. Just remember that natural doesn't always mean safe. Chemicals are present even in nature, and that's exactly what makes a herbal tea work to change your mood or ease your pain. The benefit...

What to Consider When Switching to Minimalist Shoes

- - Fitness

Vibram five fingers started a trend in minimalistic shoes but have since been brought to court in a class action suit for failure to live up to their claims. Many of the health problems associated with Vibrams aren't limited to that specific shoe. With the exception of looking totally ridiculous...

Five Ways to Be More Active Without ‘Exercising’

- - Fitness

Sometimes prioritizing time at the gym is just not a possibility. As much as you want to make time, you just can't seem to find it (or perhaps you just hate exercise). It's good to stay active but workout routines aren't for everyone. Read below for some tips on how...

6 Ways to Sneak Better Nutrition into Your Diet

- - Nutrition

"Eating clean" is easier said than done; sometimes it's hard to make the transition right away. With a healthier diet you will find you have more energy to make better choices. You will probably get used to the taste of nutritious foods and even find yourself craving them once you...

Popular Diet Trends: Justified, Debunked and Explained

- - Diets

Every diet now seems to have scientific evidence to back it up and there are many, sometimes conflicting diets to choose from. You may be thinking that they can't all be right but in reality, every body is different. You may have to find what works for you through trial...