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4 Nutrients to Combat Fatigue

- - Nutrition

Running on empty? When it comes to fatigue, what you don’t eat is equally important as what you do eat. We all have goals and dreams and often the motivation to reach them is present. But fatigue sneaks away the ‘oomph’ to actually do the things needed in order to...

7 Principles of Peak Performance

- - Mind

It is uncanny how closely connected feelings are to performance. Look at 1968 three-time Olympic medallist, Al Oerter. When Al found himself in a bit of a sports slump after having won three gold medals for discus he began to recreate in his mind the environment surrounding his most recent...

Juiced Up and Ready to Go

- - Nutrition

In the past few years freshly squeezed juices have stepped into the spotlight. And rightly so; these fresh liquids offer a shot of wellness like a headlamp on a camping trip. Making your own juices from fruit and vegetables is not only healthy, but can be fun too! With a little bit...

How to Get More Motivated With The Right Music

- - Motivation

It began in the 70’s… Or was it before the dawn of aerobics and rather with the first beats of the ancestral drum? Music, or rather; rhythm, has been a part of the collective human heartbeat since the dawning of human awareness. Recent studies by various psychologists and scientists suggest...

An Easy Pre-run Yoga Sequence

- - Yoga

Let’s face it, whether you opt for a gentle jog or a hardcore run, your body usually requires some tender loving care after a run. As a runner and yoga practitioner myself, I have found that the two practices go hand in hand. The post run fatigue can, however, be...

Where Do Vegetarians Get Their Protein From?

- - Nutrition

Yes, I admit, red meat provides an abundance of protein and being a vegetarian fitness fanatic, the question I get asked the most goes pretty much like this: “But you’re so healthy / muscular! Where do you get your protein from?! The truth is, do you know anyone with a...