Claire Trojkovic

Claire Trojkovic is a health and fitness expert from Australia. She is also an international fitness model competitor who has won many champisonships in Australia as well as overseas. The most prestigous being the INBA World Championships in 2013 which was held in Greece.

My Articles:

Supplement Essentials: A Quick Guide

- - Nutrition

With so many different types of foods on the market today we don’t get enough of the nutrients our bodies need purely through what we eat. Most people do not eat a balanced diet or carbs, proteins, greens and fats so their bodies are lacking in essential nutrients to maintain...

4 Day Fat Burning Exercise Plan

- - Workouts

Do you want to lose weight however you’re just not sure how? Well a good exercise plan incorporates all types of training styles from weights to cardio to plyometrics. By using all different styles of training techniques you will never plateau, but continuously lose weight. I’m going to give you...

How to Read a Nutrition Label

- - Nutrition

Knowing how to read a nutrition label is a life skill, especially when you are trying to lose weight. I walk around the supermarket like it’s a library. I read everything I’m thinking of buying and I am always looking out for new products to investigate. It is also useful...

How To Use Skipping To Supercharge Fat Loss

- - Weight Loss

The first thing you need to know about weight loss is that your heart rate has a lot to do with it. A heart rate that continuously increases and decreases burns more calories than a heart rate that stay the same, for example jogging. If you continue to challenge your...

The Paleo Diet Explained

- - Nutrition

I’m sure by now you have seen this word ‘Paleo’ floating around the internet and social media platforms quite a bit. Maybe you have even read #gopaleo and thought #gowhat? Well if you’re curious about this new diet and want to know more, then stay tuned because I’m going to...