Christy Lyons

Christy Lyons, M.A., PHR, is a former corporate wellness company owner & freelance Yoga, Pilates, and barre/toning instructor. As an E-RYT, she has been teaching yoga since 2007 and has also run 2 teacher training programs. She is an NASM-CPT and specialized in working with clients with autoimmune diseases, spinal injuries, and other unique cases.

After selling her business in 2013, Christy now works as an HR manager and freelance business development consultant in Chicago, working with wellness companies and human resource departments in several capacities. Christy holds her B.A. from Northwestern University ('04), a Graduate Diploma in Business from Cambridge ('06), and her M.A. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from The Chicago School ('14). You can reach her on LinkedIn or via Twitter (@christynlyons).

My Articles:

Running Workout: 22 Minute Intensity

- - Workouts

Here's the next workout in our Running Workout series; this one ups the intensity in less time. The more intense your workout, the less time it takes to burn those calories! This 22 minute running workout will leave you sweating, but is still short enough that you have time to...

10 Amazing Stretches for Anyone

- - Fitness

Are you a desk jockey? Or a weekend warrior? A diligent 60 minutes a day cardio queen? A 4 times a week Crossfit crazy? Whatever you are and wherever your pain is, these next 10 stretches will change your life. Yes, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This stretching routine will get into...

Running Workout: 30 Minute Mover

- - Workouts

Time is of the essence for everyone these days. Full time job? Check. After work must-be-at social events? Check. Relationship? Friends? Family time? Check. Weekly events for said relationship, family and friends? Check, check, check! What is a busy runner to do? After spending all winter doing circuits or trying Crossfit...

Want Better Sleep? Just say OM.

- - Yoga

Anyone who suffers from insomnia, anxiety, or poor sleep in general can tell you the powerful effects it has on one’s mental, physical and emotional state. Surely everyone has, by now, fallen victim to a person who snaps at him or her only to have that person pause and say,...

Yoga Sequence for a Fabulous Bikini Body

- - Yoga

Ah, summer is almost here. You can smell it in the air. You can see it in the ambitious fellow exercisers at the gym, all sans tan like yourself. Visions of the beach dance in your head like sugarplums on Christmas Eve at this time of year. Unfortunately, it’s also...

Yoga: Can it Help Your Back Pain?

- - Yoga

Did you know up to 90% of Americans will suffer back pain at some point in their lives? Did you know that back pain is one of the leading causes for missing work and one of the costliest healthcare issues in America? If you’re nodding your head, it’s probably because...

High Intensity Interval Training 101

- - Fitness

HIIT… is it a typo on your gym’s class schedule? What the heck is it and why is it everywhere these days? Pronounced by saying all four letters, “H, I, I, T”, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is not your typical aerobics class; this method of training...

Strength Training for Runners

- - Strength Training

Spring is upon us (finally!). March 20th marked the first day of spring and many runners will be itching to dust their outdoor shoes and gear off after what was a long, harsh winter throughout the United States. If you kept up your running practice indoors on a treadmill, good...