Brian Pankau

Brian Pankau is a health and fitness writer that has contributed to notable websites such as Ask the Trainer and Livestrong, and is a certified fitness trainer and sports nutrition specialist. As a former Marine Corps infantryman, Brian learned from an early start in his career to always give 100% effort in everything that he is tasked with.

My Articles:

5 Cheap Foods For a Bodybuilder

- - Nutrition

Bodybuilding requires a high food intake to maintain the energy levels required for muscular growth, and let's face it – food is not always cheap. Supplements seem to be the focus of all upcoming fitness enthusiasts who just want to get big fast. Sadly, there is no miracle pill that...

How to Properly Gain Lean Muscle and Burn Fat!

- - Fitness

Being a woman has amazing advantages, naturally, but women are also more prone to weight gain than men. The reason for this is because men (not all, but most) received the natural inheritance of having a faster metabolism due to a larger bone structure and organs. What this means for...