Ana De Castro

Ana is an integrative nutrition health coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor and bikini world champion. In her free time she is also a mom to a 3 & 4 year old and an agent to celebrity and Michelin-star chefs. She loves to eat and cook and you will often see her posting pictures of food on her twitter and instagram accounts.

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My Articles:

The Low Down on Vitamins

- - Nutrition

There was a time in my life when you could open up one of my kitchen cabinets and find all sorts of vitamins and supplements in a bottle. I would take Vitamin B-12 for this, Vitamin C for that, Vitamin E for something else, the list went on. I spent...

Breakfast Buns Workout

- - Workouts

Whenever I walk by a pastry shop, I begin to think of the delectable cinnamon sticky buns my Aunt would bake from scratch on Thanksgiving and how we would eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They were so yummy it was difficult to stop at one. Thanksgiving is a...

Pool Running Workouts

- - Workouts

Now that my kiddos are at an age where, apparently, their energy is never ending, I am thankful they can swim about with their floaties (by my side, of course) on the deep end of the pool. I take advantage of this time to do some pool running and have...

Your Monday to Friday Workout

- - Workouts

The other day I was at the gym and I realized since I´ve had kids I haven´t gone to the gym during the weekend. Not because I don´t want to, but because I want to teach my kids (3 & 4) to enjoy exercise and so, on the weekends, we...

5 Steps To Create Delicious Fruit Smoothies

- - Nutrition

Smoothies are a great go-to snack or meal. They are so easy to prepare, and the options are endless. I like to prepare a smoothie every morning and to make it even easier I prepare all my fruit ahead of time and freeze the combinations in Ziploc bags. This...

New Mom Workout, With or Without Baby

- - Fitness

Its only been 3 years since I had a newborn and I still remember the struggle of wanting to work out but somehow not knowing how to find the time to do it between feedings. I wanted to have the same workouts I had pre-baby and was so caught up...

Will I Lose Muscle Mass With Age?

- - Fitness

Now that I´m 41 I look back at pictures when I was 36 and I wonder, what happened to my shoulder muscles? I worked hard to develop my shoulders and I feel it is so much harder now to only maintain what I already have. Many people are not...

5 Popular Diet Crazes Explained

- - Diets

Since I can remember I have seen diet books on bookshelves everywhere. Recently, however, everyone seems to be on some sort of diet or another. Often I hear people saying things like I’m Paleo, or I’m Juicing. Before you were either on The Zone, South Beach or checking your Blood...

Ladies: Lift for Your Body Type

- - Strength Training

I remember when I started going to a gym back in 1990 (yup, I´m THAT old) that I had no idea what I was doing, at all. Like most beginners, I worked out without any clue as to why I was doing certain exercises. I was 17 & I liked...