8 Ways Being Healthy Boosts Your Love Life

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It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is, being healthy can help save your love life – in bed and out. Here are some research-backed ways through which you can boost your romance by being healthy: You become more attractive Agreed, exercise can improve your physique but that’s not what we...


What Are The Best and Worst Sleep Positions?

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If your sleep position is leading to morning health problems then you might benefit from doing some modifications. If you want to learn what are the best and worst sleep positions then read on. Sleeping on your back – Best There are a myriad of reasons to sleep on your back. As...


Creating Your Own Yoga Retreat

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Yoga retreats rank near the top of many peoples vacation wish lists. How could it not? With tropical surroundings, fresh foods and calming music, there’s not much missing from a vacation check list. Unfortunately, even the cheapest retreats can have hefty price tags exceeding most of our budgets for...


8 Simple Ways to Eat Less Bread

- - Nutrition

You’re ravenously hungry at a restaurant. The aroma of fresh rolls fills the air and the waiter gracefully sets a basket onto your table full of warm rolls straight from the oven. Before you know it, you’ve eaten three rolls before your meal has even come out, leaving you full...


Training For Your First 5K

- - Cardio

Running is arguably the most hated and most loved form of exercise. Ever. It requires no costly memberships, no extra equipment, and can be performed anywhere. Yet, despite the low maintenance and great health benefits, many runners will admit they have a passionate love/hate relationship with the sport of running....


Why Yoga Is Here to Stay

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It seems as though every other time you log into your social media accounts, there is a new trend. Whether it is jeggings, ombre hair-dos, or a new exercise class, every one you know somehow got the memo at the same exact time. Unless you are in another country where...


10 Ways to Take The Work out of Workout

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Some of you workout because you enjoy it. Others do it because it’s what the doctor ordered, but for most of you it’s just flat out work and you either choose not to do it, or are very hesitant. If you would rather scrub a toilet then hit the gym,...


Just How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

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30 minutes a day... 15 minutes of all-out activity... less is more... an hour and a half of cardio... what is the right answer?! There is so much information out there recommending and prescribing various forms and durations of exercise. It can be hard to figure out just how much...


The 7 True Traditional Types of Yoga

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When we think of Yoga, we probably think of mats, downward-facing dogs and stretching. What if I told you that is only a tiny fraction of the very vast world of Yoga? The Yoga we know and love is called Hatha Yoga. Within it there are several sub-categories of Yoga...


Herbal Tea Remedies

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Herbal tea remedies have been used in many different cultures as a natural cure for sickness. Just remember that natural doesn't always mean safe. Chemicals are present even in nature, and that's exactly what makes a herbal tea work to change your mood or ease your pain. The benefit...


12 Reasons Why Hiking is Healthy

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Hiking is a healthy hobby with a view. If you haven’t gone for a hike yet, now is the time; all you need is a good pair of hiking boots, a backpack and an awesome sense of adventure. We spend way too much time indoors, missing out on the magnificent world...


7 Yoga Poses to Improve Posture

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The best way to lean out quickly is to stand tall and strong. Here are 7 yoga poses that can lengthen and strengthen your stance. An easy way to complement an expensive outfit is to project a confident posture when posing. However, with all of the technical gadgets that rock...


To Eat Or Not To Eat Before Bed

- - Nutrition

Is eating before bed good or bad? Is there a specific time to stop eating? Will eating before bed prevent fat loss? This article is aimed to provide information on whether or not it is a good idea to eat before bed if weight loss is the goal. Keep in...


Snacking on This? Try This Instead.

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Snacking throughout the day can be beneficial or detrimental to your weight loss attempts and your overall health. Eating small meals or snacks throughout the day helps keep your metabolism working, and produces energy for your body to continue running efficiently. However, if your snacking lacks portion control and...