Getting the Most Out of Your Gym Membership

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The average person spends roughly $30-$80 a month on their gym membership, which equals upwards of $1,000 a year. The average family can spend double, and sometimes even triple that amount. Gym access alone is a great investment, but at prices like those, why not try to get even more...


Yoga Asana Sequence for Stress and Anxiety

- - Yoga

For any of us who have ever suffered from anxiety, we know that calling it unpleasant is an understatement. People who suffer from anxiety physically experience hot flashes, tightness of the chest, nausea, headaches, tension, trembling, headaches or backaches. Mentally, they may experience a sense of helplessness, paranoia or...


A Minimalist’s Home Gym

- - Fitness

The gym is a great asset for many people. It is a place to escape everyday responsibilities, meet new people, and test your physical limits. But for those who do not have gym access, or have no desire to join the hustle and bustle of a gym, creating an at-home-gym...


How Going Outside Makes You Healthier

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The warmth of the sun touches your skin, the greenery soothes your eyes and the fresh air makes you want to have more of it every day. Spending time outdoors is not only about relaxing your body and soul but it also makes you a much healthier person too. It’s time...


Walnut Pesto Zucchini Noodles

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When I first decided to eat grain-free at the beginning of this year, my main concern was pasta.I knew that the primary reason for weight gain and a large belly was due to how the Western diet is made up of so much wheat, and let’s face the truth –...


10 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Drinking Energy Drinks

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Energy drinks are getting a lot of buzz, not because of their effectiveness in giving a person an instant boost, but because of the dangers and stimulating properties of these drinks. The caffeine in most energy drinks may be less than that of a Starbucks coffee, but they consist of...


7 Advantages of a Group Workout

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Group workouts. Most people either love them or hate them. There are always pros and cons to group workouts. Whether it’s a class you attend or a group of friends you meet up with to get your sweat on, group workouts can be a great change to your workout routine....


8 Ways Being Healthy Boosts Your Love Life

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It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is, being healthy can help save your love life – in bed and out. Here are some research-backed ways through which you can boost your romance by being healthy: You become more attractive Agreed, exercise can improve your physique but that’s not what we...


What Are The Best and Worst Sleep Positions?

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If your sleep position is leading to morning health problems then you might benefit from doing some modifications. If you want to learn what are the best and worst sleep positions then read on. Sleeping on your back – Best There are a myriad of reasons to sleep on your back. As...


Creating Your Own Yoga Retreat

- - Yoga

Yoga retreats rank near the top of many peoples vacation wish lists. How could it not? With tropical surroundings, fresh foods and calming music, there’s not much missing from a vacation check list. Unfortunately, even the cheapest retreats can have hefty price tags exceeding most of our budgets for...


8 Simple Ways to Eat Less Bread

- - Nutrition

You’re ravenously hungry at a restaurant. The aroma of fresh rolls fills the air and the waiter gracefully sets a basket onto your table full of warm rolls straight from the oven. Before you know it, you’ve eaten three rolls before your meal has even come out, leaving you full...


Training For Your First 5K

- - Cardio

Running is arguably the most hated and most loved form of exercise. Ever. It requires no costly memberships, no extra equipment, and can be performed anywhere. Yet, despite the low maintenance and great health benefits, many runners will admit they have a passionate love/hate relationship with the sport of running....