Green Tea vs. Coffee: Which is Better?

- - Nutrition

Coffee or green tea, that is the question. At least for some of us. For many people coffee reigns supreme as the beverage of choice (especially first thing in the morning) but that was before that little upstart green tea arrived on the scene. Green tea, even the name sounds...


7 Ways to Stay Active Outdoors This Summer

- - Fitness

The summer heat and sunshine gives us the ability to get outside and switch up our workouts. Of course, running outside and hitting the gym are always reliable and challenging ways to stay fit and fabulous. This summer, we challenge you to get out of your fitness comfort zone! Finding...


Bodybuilding vs. CrossFit: Which is right for you?

- - Fitness

The fitness industry is filled to the brim with options. Here are just a few of them, along with some of their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re new to the world of strength training (welcome, by the way!), then it’s easy to get confused by all the information online and...


8 Minutes of Yoga for Weight Loss

- - Yoga

When you have one of those days that seems to melt away, try this 8 minute fat sizzling Yoga sequence. It will help keep your body piping hot all summer long. Every fit body wants to stick to a fitness schedule. But when the sun is shining, pumping iron inside...


5 Small Steps to Become a Faster Runner

- - Cardio

The feeling of accomplishing your first 5k, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon can be pretty blissful – and completing your second, third, and fourth feels great, too. But at a certain point, most beginner runners start to feel themselves transitioning out of that “beginner” phase and looking to find...


What to Consider When Switching to Minimalist Shoes

- - Fitness

Vibram five fingers started a trend in minimalistic shoes but have since been brought to court in a class action suit for failure to live up to their claims. Many of the health problems associated with Vibrams aren't limited to that specific shoe. With the exception of looking totally ridiculous...


How to Cleanse and What to Avoid

- - Nutrition

Swim suit season is upon us and many people will turn to crash diets and cleanses to prepare for their beach body, most without even considering the possible negative effects. It is true, cleanses are great ways to rid the body of toxins and flush out your system, but not...


6 Moves to Trim and Tone Your Thighs

- - Workouts

Trim and tone your thighs with these 6 moves. Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle, these six moves will set you on the right path to getting strong and sexy legs. Weighted Lunges The dreaded L word. Lunges. There’s a reason why lunges are used and that’s...


Five Ways to Be More Active Without ‘Exercising’

- - Fitness

Sometimes prioritizing time at the gym is just not a possibility. As much as you want to make time, you just can't seem to find it (or perhaps you just hate exercise). It's good to stay active but workout routines aren't for everyone. Read below for some tips on how...


10 Ways To Beat Bikini Bloat

- - Fitness

It’s official summer is here and you are ready to bear it all. You've worked your butt off to get yourself to a healthy weight. You feel great in your skin and you look awesome! Now it’s time to hit up as many pool parties as possible to flaunt your...


7 Essential Things to Do Before Running a Marathon

- - Cardio

Whether you have run several marathons in the past or none, there is always nervousness, anticipation and fear of screwing up prior to the race. Everything from the weather to the food you eat makes you nervous. You aren’t sure about what you should be doing, eating or wearing. What...


6 Ways to Sneak Better Nutrition into Your Diet

- - Nutrition

"Eating clean" is easier said than done; sometimes it's hard to make the transition right away. With a healthier diet you will find you have more energy to make better choices. You will probably get used to the taste of nutritious foods and even find yourself craving them once you...


How To Get Comfortable in the Weight Room

- - Strength Training

The weight room - it’s a place that intimidates many women. With stacked, muscular men walking around like they own the place and the many machines that do who knows what, it can look like a testosterone filled jungle. Instead of going into the weight room you’ll jet into the...


5 Incredible Benefits of Inverted Yoga Poses

- - Yoga

Inversions can seem incredibly intimidating or difficult to do, but in reality they are incredibly fun and empowering! It’s all about perspective, not only physically speaking as you see the world upside-down, but also how you mentally approach them. We tend to give our fears far too much attention and...


Visualization Techniques to Keep You Motivated

- - Mind

What are your fitness goals and how are you going to look and feel when you reach them? One of the best kept secrets in the fitness community is the power of visualization for motivation. Although most visualization techniques are powered by the imagination, it doesn't take a lot of...


13 Minutes to Stronger Triceps

- - Workouts

Who knew it could take less than 15 minutes a day to achieve the best looking triceps? It can all happen just in time for summer vacation. Sculpted triceps are a must have for the summer time and although it takes a lot of sweat and determination, the goal is...


6 Simple Supine Yoga Poses

- - Yoga

Supine Poses are poses done lying flat on our back with our face up. This means these positions are versatile, calming and accessible to all. Supine poses are great for every body type and all yogis, from those who have never tried Yoga before to advanced Yoga masters. Supine poses...


Top 7 Bikini Belly Exercises

- - Fitness

All the ladies want to achieve a sculpted core for outdoor summer fun. Here is a great workout to help work off any winter belly flab. Spring cleaning does not just mean ‘clean the house out’ it is also a popular time to shape the body up ready for summer....


9 Ways to Keep Fit During Vacation

- - Fitness

Read further for some tips, tricks and ideas to keep you on track during a vacation get-away without compromising all the fun. Planning the perfect summer getaway is always a challenge, especially if one wants to avoid typical vacation weight gain. Have no fear, it is really simple and super...


Top 35 Motivating Mantras

- - Motivation

Fitness is a journey and everyone is at a different place in that journey. For some, this can be a long road. Staying motivated during your journey to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult at times. These tips for staying motivated will keep you moving even when the going gets...


12 Ways to Practice the Power of Positivity

- - Lifestyle

Positivity has the power to transform our life. It has an enormous impact on our overall well-being. It does wonders for our health, happiness and heart – body, mind and spirit. There are so many ways we can bring more positivity into our life. In fact, you have the power...