Do-Anywhere Everyday Blast Workout

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This energy-boosting, fat-blasting workout is short enough to do every morning to kick-start your metabolism and motivation to make healthy choices all day long!   The main workout has only 5 exercises, listed below, which are all straight forward and no equipment is necessary, so this could also be a great workout...


7 Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

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There’s a “hot” new trend in the Yoga world: Hot Yoga. It includes various styles and types of Yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa or even Yin. To me, Hot Yoga simply means Yoga practiced in a heated room. The temperatures in these rooms can range anywhere from 30°C (85°F) to...


Tips and Tricks to Healthy & Happy Holidays

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The most wonderful time of year; the holiday season. What isn’t there to love about family gatherings, decorations, cozy clothes, delicious food and sparkling drinks? It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit the moment the pumpkins start showing up outside our favorite stores, but before we know...


Christmas Gift Guide for Fitness Fantatics

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With the Christmas season right around the corner it’s time to start buying gifts. Not sure what to get the fitness junkies in your life? Maybe you’re more of a gift card person. Here is a Christmas gift guide with a range of suggestions for the active people, or fitness...


The Guide To Treat Cellulite Naturally

- - Weight Loss

Cottage cheese skin, orange peel skin, whatever you want to call it. Cellulite. Such a cringe-worthy word, is it not? Though the majority of us have to deal with it, nobody wants to have cellulite on their body. Effecting 80% of women, cellulite is a one of the most common...


Coconut Oil – 10 Miraculous Uses

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When coconut oil first became popular a few years ago, I didn’t really understand the hype, nor did I see how I could use it. After so many legitimate sources swearing up and down by it, I decided to give it a try. Fast forward a few years later, and...


The Low Down on Vitamins

- - Nutrition

There was a time in my life when you could open up one of my kitchen cabinets and find all sorts of vitamins and supplements in a bottle. I would take Vitamin B-12 for this, Vitamin C for that, Vitamin E for something else, the list went on. I spent...


Breakfast Buns Workout

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Whenever I walk by a pastry shop, I begin to think of the delectable cinnamon sticky buns my Aunt would bake from scratch on Thanksgiving and how we would eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They were so yummy it was difficult to stop at one. Thanksgiving is a...


Full Body Workouts with Just Dumbbells!

- - Strength Training

Chances are you have a set of dumbbells laying around the house or collecting spider webs in the garage. Where did those even come from? We don’t remember buying them, but there they are – waiting patiently for us. Now’s the time to dust them off and get in a...


Oil Pulling Guide

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If you can handle the taste and the jaw workout, oil pulling is gaining popularity as a natural dental hygiene and health boosting practice. Though it’s becoming more and more popular, oil pulling is no new trend. Claimed by ancient Indian medicine to cure over 30 diseases, oil pulling has...


Cardio or Weights, Which is Best?

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The debate between whether to hit the treadmill or hit the weights has flip-flopped back and forth for years. Different studies conclude different results, which ultimately cancel each other out and leave readers confused. Does cardio or weight training tone and tighten faster? Is one workout really better than another?...


Pool Running Workouts

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Now that my kiddos are at an age where, apparently, their energy is never ending, I am thankful they can swim about with their floaties (by my side, of course) on the deep end of the pool. I take advantage of this time to do some pool running and have...


There’s Always Time for Breakfast!

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We know eating breakfast is vital to starting the day off right and the key role it plays in weight loss, yet we rarely take the time to eat it. There are countless reasons we skip the most important meal of the day, but no matter how good the excuse...


The Big Guide To Apple Cider Vinegar

- - Nutrition

Apple cider vinegar is literally making headlines these days. Used as a home remedy for various ailments since the 1950’s popular book Folk Medicine promoted its benefits, apple cider vinegar is taking the alternative medicine world by storm. The low-calorie (just 2 calories/tablespoon!) substance containing malic acid and acetic acid boasts...


You’ve Reached Your Goal Weight, Now What?

- - Weight Loss

Congratulations, after months, maybe even years, of hard work, you have finally reached that goal weight! But, now what do you do? Unfortunately, most dieters gain back the weight they lost within a year or so due to a lack of post-diet guidance. The problem is that people feel lost...


How to Have a Successful Cheat Day

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Cheat days keep you going when the going gets tough. If you are in the midst of a healthy eating plan then you know the importance and necessity of a cheat day. Just knowing that you don't have to completely cut out things you love from your diet can make...


Snack Ideas Beyond The Protein Bar

- - Nutrition

With endless brands and flavors of protein bars lining store shelves it’s easy to forget about real, fresh foods. Gone are the days of zip lock bags filled with baby carrots and mini boxes of raisins. Grabbing a protein bar or meal replacement bar throughout the day to curb hunger...


Your Monday to Friday Workout

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The other day I was at the gym and I realized since I´ve had kids I haven´t gone to the gym during the weekend. Not because I don´t want to, but because I want to teach my kids (3 & 4) to enjoy exercise and so, on the weekends, we...


5 Steps To Create Delicious Fruit Smoothies

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Smoothies are a great go-to snack or meal. They are so easy to prepare, and the options are endless. I like to prepare a smoothie every morning and to make it even easier I prepare all my fruit ahead of time and freeze the combinations in Ziploc bags. This...