Re-claiming Your New Year’s Resolution

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It's a new year. A new you. Or at least that's what you told yourself when you woke up January 1st. Whether you made a New Year's resolution or not, there is still plenty of time to create and achieve personal goals. Just because the holidays are over and the...


Summer Citrus Salad

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I started this New Year with the determination to eat healthier and live better. Among the list of my many New Year resolutions, I’m aiming to cut out as much processed foods from my diet as I possibly can. In a world where supermarkets’ center aisles are crammed with boxes and...


How Bad Eating Habits Affect Your Skin

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You're not a teenager anymore, but your skin is breaking out as if you just celebrated your sweet sixteen. There could be a couple of reasons why you are dealing with acne in adulthood. You may be surprised to find that your breakouts could be the result of something so simple...


How To Correct Bad Squat Form

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One of the most basic exercises you can do at home, gym or even in your hotel room, are squats. Squats are probably the best bodyweight exercise you can do to keep your buns and thighs firm and tight. Best part? You can do them pretty much anywhere! The hurt-so-good burn...


Wedding Planning is Causing Me to GAIN Weight: HELP!

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Free glasses of champagne from the hostess. A complimentary dessert from a restaurant. Chocolate-covered strawberries sent from your boss. And don’t forget the flowers and wine sent from your very own parents. Ah, the joys of getting engaged and the lovely loot from the people and vendors who are happy for...


How Do You Stay Fit When You’ve Injured Your Leg?

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Winter is here. Black ice, shoveling snow, and other winter hazards are on the annual mission to sideline you. Exercise classes, new years resolutions, and gym equipment used inappropriately are also still around. So is just plain bad luck, if you’re like me. I was recently diagnosed with 2 stress...


Tabbouleh Salad

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We’re smack in the middle of the Argentine summer right now. There’s brighter sunshine, longer days, later sunsets, and the incredible feeling of soon-to-be holidays in the air. Summer is the season where we start planning our vacations (usually someplace by the beach) and try to escape the heat of...


Grilled Eggplant Sesame Dip

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I’ve always been a fan of exotic flavors and tastes when it comes to food. In fact, I try to make it a point to try new cuisines when the situation occurs – Greek, Indian, Korean, or any other type of cuisine that hasn’t yet made it to my palette....


Yoga for Back Pain Relief

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Experiencing ‘back pain’ during anytime of the day is awful. Here are a few Yoga moves that you can do to help alleviate many spinal discomforts. There are many forms and symptoms of back pain. Unfortunately, there are too many causes to list. Most of the time, back pain is...


Sweet Potato Chicken Patties

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As we’re still settling into the New Year and making our resolutions to live healthier and eat cleaner, there are so many things we can do to start forming better habits so we lead better, higher-quality lives. We could start with getting sufficient sleep, because that’s when our bodies start...


Improve Your Push Ups (Without Doing Any)

- - Strength Training

As a personal trainer, I've found that many of the women I work with want to improve one specific area. Can you guess what it is? It's not getting amazing legs or a perfectly perky booty (we ALL want that, right?)... Guessed yet? Most of them also want to build up their...


Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs (What’s It All About?)

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Bread, pasta, rice! Ask someone to list a few carbs and those would be the usual contenders. They're right of course, but the carb rabbit-hole goes a lot deeper than that. If you've ever tried to cut down on your carbs, you've probably encountered the torture that is walking down the...


Wedding Series Part 2: Fitness on a Budget

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As your big day comes up, both parties getting hitched are going to want to look their best. So you get on the internet and you think, ok, should I do Crossfit? Or yoga sculpt? Or Pilates? What will give me the results I’m looking for? And then you get...


Roasted Red Pepper Dip

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The ending and beginning of each year brings with them plenty of gatherings among family and friends. With these legitimate excuses to come together and eat plenty of food, I find it extremely convenient to have a couple of easy-to-whip-up recipes on hand, you know, just in case friends suddenly...


Yoga Sequences For Energy

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Morning, noon or night, everybody wants more energy out of the day. Use the power of yoga to strengthen stamina, re-align balance, and regain focus. Yoga is well known in the health and wellness communities, especially on FitBodyHQ. Yoga is a holistic approach to healing the body, mind and spirit...


Long and Lean Legs Workout

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This workout will tone your lower body so you can work it in your skinny jeans, short shorts, and swimsuit all year round! With just a set of dumbbells and your hard work, this workout will give you long, lean legs in just 5 quick moves. Move through this workout...


Rainbow Vegetable Rolls & Spicy Peanut Sauce

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Here in Argentina we’re right in the middle of spring, and the chillier days are giving way to warmer, brighter days. I suppose that as we tumble our way straight towards summer – the season of sunshine, warmth, golden rays and color everywhere you go – it only seems right...