Raw Till 4 (RT4) Diet Review

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What is Raw Till 4? Are there any health benefits with this lifestyle? Is this food plan a good fit for you? Read more about the RT4 lifestyle below and decide for yourself. Move over ‘Low Carb’ Diets because there is a new lifestyle in town called Raw Till 4. Supporters...


9 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

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On average, we spend about one third of our lives sleeping. These days, people are sleeping less and less. Due to our busy schedules and racing minds, we often slack on sleep. The importance of getting adequate sleep (the exact number of hours is different for everyone) is often overlooked,...


10 Tips to Lose Weight Around the Clock

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Losing weight is no easy feat, especially when it’s just one of the items on your ever-growing to do list. With work, school, caring for family, friendships, housework, errands, and so much more, gym time and meal preparation can seem impossible to fit in. Don’t give up hope! The good...


A Road Trip Fitness Plan

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Do not fall off track when a road trip adventure is just around the corner. Keep fit inspired and health conscious while on the road by considering the following thoughts before you pack your bags. Everybody loves a good road trip but hates the pounds gained while travelling. However, not all...


Your First Triathlon: Beginner’s Guide

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Despite popular belief, triathlons are not only for the elite athletes. A simple internet search will prove this assumption wrong, resulting in lists upon lists of sprint triathlons, olympic triathlons, female only triathlons, youth triathlons, themed triathlons, and more. There is a race out there for everyone, unfortunately, the mere thought...


Post-Summer Vacation Slim Down

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There are countless workouts and diets to get you beach ready for your summer vacation, but what about taking care of all of the damage we do to our body during our week away? Something about being on a carefree vacation, perhaps an all-inclusive one at that, makes you leave...


4 Nutrients to Combat Fatigue

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Running on empty? When it comes to fatigue, what you don’t eat is equally important as what you do eat. We all have goals and dreams and often the motivation to reach them is present. But fatigue sneaks away the ‘oomph’ to actually do the things needed in order to...


Ab-Sculpting Workout

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If you've always wanted a sleek, toned, sexy stomach then this is the workout for you! Now, we know that abs are made in the kitchen (see our clean eating guide for help with that), but awesome ab workouts are part of the picture too! Try out these killer...


No Gym, No Problem!

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There are countless reasons why a gym membership is not always feasible. Maybe your commute is too far, maybe you refuse to pay the outrageous prices, maybe you are shuttling kids from point A to point B and don’t have the time, or maybe you genuinely do not enjoy working...


The Body Blaster Workout (20 Minutes)

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Take this third of an hour and fill it with power. The following workout aims to tone your whole body into a lean, clean, energy machine. High intensity body weight interval training is great for those days when you just don’t have enough time to squeeze in a workout, but...


Think You Know Yoga? Top 5 Myths

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There are so many misconceptions about yoga out there that it can be all too easy to not give the practice a try or hinder yourself from getting the most out of a class. Despite its growing popularity and the countless benefits of practicing yoga, even people who have...


How to Do the Splits

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There's absolutely no doubt about it: being able to do the splits is awesome. Whether you want to get to your splits for dance, ballet, gymnastics, cheerleading or martial arts... Or you just want to show off at parties like this or this (hey, no...


Curried Cauliflower Rice

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I think having a love affair with rice is inherently part of the DNA of being an Asian. I was born in Singapore, the small island nation in Southeast Asia, and I grew up eating rice every single day. Whether it was a bowl of garlic shrimp fried rice, healthy...


The Truth About Weight Loss Plateaus

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Unfortunately, weight loss plateaus exist, and not many people want to talk about them. To learn about what weight loss plateaus are, and how you can ‘work out’ through them, read the article below. What is a ‘Plateau’? A weight loss plateau occurs when a person who is regularly losing weight suddenly...


7 Tips to Stay Fit During Tailgate Season

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Burgers, beers, and football- woohoo! But all of this celebrating and socializing during football season can mean boo-hoo for your waistline. With simple recipe and snack swaps and fool proof ways to move around during game time, we’ve got you and your waistline covered when it comes to staying...


Alcohol vs Fitness Goals

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Sometimes alcohol gets a bad rap from the fitness community. Alcohol has been blamed for many things such as preventing fat loss, lowering fitness desires, inhibiting muscle growth, and it has even been linked to moderate depression after excessive use. Could these accusations be true? Or is it ok...


7 Principles of Peak Performance

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It is uncanny how closely connected feelings are to performance. Look at 1968 three-time Olympic medallist, Al Oerter. When Al found himself in a bit of a sports slump after having won three gold medals for discus he began to recreate in his mind the environment surrounding his most recent...


The Need For Speed: 8 Running Tips

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It’s running season - time to celebrate! With so many fall races coming up right around the corner of all kinds of distances, there are more runners than any other time of the year lining up on treadmills and hitting the sidewalks and trails. While running really can be as...