7 Tips for Curbing Cravings & Keeping The Weight Off!

- - Weight Loss

Why do cravings happen? Why do you suddenly but absolutely have to have something salty, something sweet, or a nice cold glass of wine or beer as if there was no tomorrow? Cravings can result from various sources including stress, routine or habits, even a familiar place or smell from...


5 Popular Diet Crazes Explained

- - Diets

Since I can remember I have seen diet books on bookshelves everywhere. Recently, however, everyone seems to be on some sort of diet or another. Often I hear people saying things like I’m Paleo, or I’m Juicing. Before you were either on The Zone, South Beach or checking your Blood...


Why the Gym Helps More Than Just Your Waistline

- - Lifestyle

Connect Your Workouts to Your World - Why Hitting the Gym Helps More Than Just Your Waistline. Everyone has those days; the bad hair days, the bad skin days, the days where none of your clothes seem to look right. You have a day that starts that way and then...


The Best Half Marathons Around the United States

- - Cardio

It’s time to stray from the repetitive, and sometimes over-competitive, races. Whether you are searching for your very first half marathon to compete in, or you are a veteran with multiple races under your belt, this list will serve you well! Best Themed Runs Disney Princess Half Marathon, Florida The happiest place on...


Top 10 Ways to Slim Down as a Vegan

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Going Vegan may seem challenging, but, so many people have achieved amazing results from cutting down on their animal product consumption. Would you go Vegan for weight loss? Many celebrities have shared incredible weight loss transformations since starting a Vegan diet. From Kelly Osbourne, Jason Mraz, Olivia Wilde, Mac Danzig,...


The ABCs of Mindful Eating

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The act of mindfulness is defined as: "active attention on the present". Mindfulness is commonly associated with meditation and yoga, but is a great tool for any aspect of life. A few areas that can benefit greatly from mindfulness are weight loss and dietary habits. The Basics of Mindfulness In order...


The Paleo Diet Explained

- - Nutrition

I’m sure by now you have seen this word ‘Paleo’ floating around the internet and social media platforms quite a bit. Maybe you have even read #gopaleo and thought #gowhat? Well if you’re curious about this new diet and want to know more, then stay tuned because I’m going to...


Ladies: Lift for Your Body Type

- - Strength Training

I remember when I started going to a gym back in 1990 (yup, I´m THAT old) that I had no idea what I was doing, at all. Like most beginners, I worked out without any clue as to why I was doing certain exercises. I was 17 & I liked...


Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

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It's surprising: often women don't want to lift weights because they're scared of getting big and bulky like a man. In fact, think back to the last time you were at the gym... I'd be amazed if there wasn't a group of guys in the free weight section, flexing in...


How to Keep Fit in the Winter

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Are you lucky enough to live in a warm winter land? Keeping fit may seem easy year round. However, for those who dwell in the far North, where temperatures can drop well below freezing - it may seem near impossible to fight the fat away. The worst thing one...


Tomato & Bell Pepper Gazpacho

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There are days when it is just too hot to turn on the heat to cook, and when my body simply craves a cool and refreshing meal option. And while fresh salads like a bright summer citrus salad or the middle-eastern tabbouleh salad may come to mind, today’s dish is...


Yoga for Happy Hips

- - Yoga

According to the pop singer Shakira - our hips don’t lie. Especially if they are in pain, or really tight. Read on for fun facts about the power behind our pelvis muscles, and different ways we can lengthen and loosen up in the hips. The hip flexors literally carry the...


Targeting the Inner Thighs

- - Strength Training

Most women can agree on one specific “problem area” we all struggle with; the inner thighs. The inner thighs go unnoticed and neglected for months, until that first day of shorts weather, or worse, swim suit season. All of a sudden, seemingly without warning, we are scrambling to find any...


Yoga Styles: Which Style is Best for You?

- - Yoga

Yoga is best known for using poses, breathing, meditation and diving deeper into spirituality. If you're new to yoga maybe your first thoughts are of someone wrapped up like a human pretzel, celebrities in see-through yoga pants or maybe even vegan, hemp-wearing hippies chanting 'Om'. Yes, those are all stereotypes which...


Swimming Workouts Anyone Can Do

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Swimming is one of the best workouts for any level of athlete. It is one of the few exercises that targets almost all of your muscles simultaneously, yet the risk of injury is slim to none. Unfortunately, a lot of people dismiss the idea of a workout in the pool...


Top 10 Weight Loss Myths Busted

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Are you sick and tired of sifting through all the contradictory information about weight loss? Are you determined to drop those extra pounds, and do it the right way? Well read on and discover the truth behind popular weight loss myths. The facts are shocking! With so many self proclaimed ‘weight...


Yoga For The Sole(s)

- - Yoga

We use them everyday. They carry us from place to place. They can peddle us over mountains, run through thick forests, and swim through deeps seas. If our feet are so important, why don’t we keep better care of them? Here are some great tips to help you balance better...